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j l t c ' 0 5 c h a p x r o c k k
Thursday, March 17, 200512:38 AM

hmmm just came from camp couple of days ago... miss all the chaps n officers...

the camp was one eye-opening experience... with 90 over noisy, bossy, seemingly-domineering and demanding pri4-6 JLs [junior leaders]... sigh all the complaints, demands, and even some insults they threw at us chaps... unforgettable... i remember one incident whereby we had to clean up the dorm for inspection, and the 2 of us chaps asked the girls to pick up their shoes n slippers and arrange them nicely...

oh their reaction:"you all are servant-leaders rite? help us arrange lah!" my hands were so twitching to smack the smirk look off their little piggy faces [only some of them]... rarrhhss...

the midnite baths, the shouting and screaming we did at our JLs, the shouting, screaming and hugging we did among ourselves [da chaps], the drill-teaching, the late nite debriefing we had with our dear darlin officers... sigh... cool memories... and who'd forget the time i led the actions for the song 'Every Move I Make'... urghs pure humiliation... oh and the nite we vandalised darlins hui wen and mich, drawing turtles and writing '... was here!''...'s property! do not touch!''this leg/arm belongs to ...!' right in front of our 90 odd JLs... then we got it from our officers later on... hahax... and the gossiping we did of our gurls... wheetx...

3 days n 2 nites may sound rily long, but with that tightly-stitched up schedule, it flew by really fast (and rather thank goodness for that... i was almost dying...)... on the debriefing on the last nite of the camp, the officers informed us that the JLs wanted the camp to be longer... our reaction:'WHAT??? NO WAY!!! CANNOT TAKE IT LIAO!!! NO NO NO!!! SCARED OF THEM! NO WAY NO HOW!!!'' yep thats how traumatized we were of them... sigh... miss those days... wonder how'd the camp be like with just us chaps and officers only... hahax... living crap i guess... not forgetting the free apples and pears they gave out to us on the last day of camp... hahax how weirded...

now im (we're) waiting for the leadership conference in april... all the jltc E/W chaps will be there! way cool huh... yeah and i'll be seeing some of them fer the resilience trail on april 9! oh i so CANNOT wait... we've all planned to go to cafe cartel after the conference for a reunion! oh that is so so cool..! rarrhhsss... can't wait... God bless us till the day we reunite in insanity... hahax...

*`names of the crazy chaps:
julia. beatrice. mich. eileen. babita. yan fang. eunice. koh wei. dorothy. pearlyn. cherlyn. yan ning. michelle. [from 18th coy] hui wen. pauline. hui li. audrey. an qi. xianing.'*

`mich.huiwen.me--> wu.gui.de.tong.lei.! *rawks*

waiting ta see all of u chaps again... we rawk so hard our juniors will go mad..!

[ugh currently my junior p___ly ish drivin me nutz!!! ugh feel like im being stalked... she asked me fer my email, hp num, what day and time i'll be logging onto the net next... she even wants to put our sch [CHR Sec] as her 2nd option her PSLE, cos she claims she likes me so so much! ugh should've tortured 'em more!!!]

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