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wake me up
Monday, September 26, 20055:26 AM

kept my
hopes up each day
when you
talk to me this way
why did you
lead me astray
and turn things
so dark and grey

no more words
left to say
not when your back's turned
and fading away

don't walk
and leave me here alone
cold and sitting
in imagination's dome

shake me up
from pained reality
i was too blind to see
too much's changed
it was never meant to be

now i'm
standing here
frozen tears
what i used to
hold so dear
now's left me
paranoid in fear

no more tales
left to tell
no more smiles
since we fell

don't face me
give me those stares
now i know you
never really cared

wake me up
from what will never be
hidden memory
too much's lost
time's my enemy

wake me
wake me
wake me up...

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all i am
Wednesday, September 21, 20056:20 AM

here i am
everything's laid bare
all that i am
you never really cared

all the things you said
all the lies you sang
echo in my head
from the ceilings hang

whisperings in my soul
stripped down to the bone
you've eaten me whole
then you leave me alone

what have i done
too numbed to feel
you've had your fun
don't think you know how to deal

here i am
everything's laid there
all that i am
you never really cared

all the things you said
all your alibis
echo in my head
can you hear my cries

painful memories
i don't wanna keep
broken fantasies
haunt you sleep

i'm gonna make you pay
gonna make you run
this line will make your day:
"burn, you scum..."

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6:14 AM

thirteen days
till i see you crawl
thirteen days
my blood's on the wall

your beautiful lies
you can keep
your alibis
i see them creep
your sins under rug
try to sweep

thirteen days
gonna see you fall
thirteen days
more unanswered calls

i'm ripped at seams
only to redeem
hidden inside your darkest dreams
i wonder if you can hear my screams

thirteen days
drenched in your pain
thirteen days
it's to my gain

the letter you hold
seals your fate
i'm gonna shut you
out the gate
cradled in my
silent hate

thirteen days
you wish it was the same
thirteen days
you started this game

you blinded my sight
from wrong to right
your sins ring out in dark, cold nights
i'm hating you with days i fight

thirteen nights

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Wednesday, September 07, 20052:04 AM

why, why
it's all i can say
why, why
that's all i can think of

why you left me
why you ignored me
cold, in misery
i plead

where's that warmth i once knew
lost in darkness
screaming out for you

i've lost a friend
how did it end

the words that resound
how? why?
'tis all too profound
i'm lost inside

my mind's getting blurred
don't walk away
hidden emotions stirred
don't leave me here, don't leave me here

look at me again
give me another moment
i'm losing a friend
can't stand to see you so broken

i used to love your eyes
until i saw within
rock-hard cold ice
that stare you gave me then

so close to you
yet seemingly oceans away
ripping my heart in two
don't turn around, i don't wanna stay

wanna see your hand
are you gonna back me up?
help me stand
is all i ask too much?

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