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Monday, May 07, 20078:36 AM

alrightey first and foremost, people who've already watched spiderman 3, SHUT UP! stop threatening to give out spoilers! its mean! >.< even ="P" color="#993300">instead of catching it as pre-planned, im doing it the un-routinely way. doing stuff the safe routine way is much easier for sure, but sometimes it gets overly mundane. and it can get killerly boring. to be trapped in a routine of neglect, frustration and desperation isnt exactly the best thing anyone would want to be stuck in. and in times like these, the best thing to do is to turn the tables on it/them and try to make the best out of life. even if it means breaking out and breaking free from all that used to be so familiar and comfortable with. for me, i have to. and i will.

"seasons come and seasons go" change. there's always a need for change. i know im changing into a kind of person that most of the people around me think that would/could never turn into. oh well. there's a time for everything, even change. so yeah im getting a lil outrageous now, all the talk of scandals and alcohol and clubbing... awwwh dont get freaked out i'll still be the same old me when it comes to friends =D but......

and and its not that im unfaithful, or that im seeking self-justification for my actions, "straight satisfying" myself either with this entry. its just that i keep feeling very confused and frustrated with myself and things around me lately, i guess changing under all these is just seeming to help me feel better. so yeah dont blame me entirely. oh well.

some've said they've seen it coming. others say they knew it way beforehand. some ask "what the heck took you so long???". then some say "tell me when its done". oh well. it'll happen. the main matter is when. sighs.

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All The Better
5:50 AM

i waved to you the other day
but you turned and walked away
all the better
there'll be nothing left for me here.

i called you up on the telephone
but noone was at home
all the better
there'll be nothing left for me here.

i needed your help yesterday night
but you were busy with your gaming fights
all the better
there'll be nothing left for me here.

you promised you would be there for me
but i suppose nothing's meant to be
all the better
there'll be nothing left for me.

when im gone.

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guess who's back?
Friday, May 04, 20076:44 AM

hello world. yes i know. IM BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. like so totally finally aight. its been AGES since i've blogged and no, it aint no exaggeration. look at the date of the last post on this blog! argh!

yes. im back with a life and a hobby. okay maybe not life lols. but at least i have a hobby =D

so anyways i gotta rush off to church now for musical practice but when i get back i'll make sure i'll blog more yup =] and oh yes... the tickets for LOVE ABOVE ALL are on sale like NOW! at SISTIC! go get 'em people!!! and and and go visit www.love-above-all.org ! yayyayyay!!!

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