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Friday, March 10, 20068:10 AM

sighs the hols are up next week but i can barely call them the 'hols'... still busy with badgework n school remedials n cip... the enrichment week this week was kinda confusing n a lil hectic cos the timetable was only given out (verbally) on the day itself n basically the school was in quite a chaos...

the career talk thingie on wednesday suddenly made me worry cos its like lots of my peeps know where they wanna go after the o's while im drifting like a plank of wood in the middle of the atlantic ocean -.-'' its like i've planned what i wanna do in the uni (if i can even make it there that is) , which is to major in psychology, but i've got NO IDEA what to do for tertiary education!!! ughs i feel so lost now... :'(

n then there was this website thats supposed to help group your personality then help find some jobs that fit your personality the most... i had these careers in mind: psychologist/psychiatrist, counsellor or prison officer... so when i did that quizzie thingie, my personality came out as social, creative n investigative... cool i thought... but when the jobs list came out, i got stuff like 'child care teacher' n other weird stuff... so sad can... none of my dream jobs were there!!! im so gonna try that thing again man... lol hui wen told us that when she took the test, she had zero job results... so funny la..!! but i shouldn't be laughing at her, after all, she's the one with the brighter future...

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i know your secret and you know mine ; if we both don't tell we'll be fine :)
7:58 AM

lol now i know the truth :) hahax in any case i could've guessed it, but i'd rather the person tell me the truth herself :) anyways, she also knows the truth that i should've told her as a friend... i promised to tell her, but i guess i lack trust in people nowadays... sorry man gurl :) but at least now u know huh? :) so must SSSHHH!!!! swore each other into secrecy le... so you'd BETTER NOT TELL!!!

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