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Tuesday, November 29, 20051:08 AM

guilty guilty
my conscience chanted
ringing ever softly
in the silence of the night

sit and ponder
the 10-second past
then start to wonder
why is it me

the innocent liar
the 'in-between'
caught in someone else's fire
then paying the price

truth hopes to bubble out
but stopped by my will
stuck in the doubt
to do wrong or right

just a call away
to sweep the lies aside
but thoughts block my way
as consequences form

they say a person's willpower is strong
the strongest thing on earth
however i think thats wrong
for its CONSCIENCE thats stronger...

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OBS :)
Monday, November 28, 20052:14 AM

whahahax i know its kinda old to be writing this here but i just came back from 2 camps... read it man 2 CAMPS...

ok so the first (and main) one was OBS which totally rocked my socks (ew) n it was like from 14-18... at first we were all looking forward to it & stuff but as people begun to tell us about the stuff there like sandflies n the horrible bites they bring n the sunburning n crap like that, i tell you we FREAKED! yes i mean flipped, bounced, screamed, worried, bit our nails n ya you should know the rest... the weekend before the camp was totally spent on fretting n buying funny items like cotton twines while other items like solid fuel n jack-knives we just took from school (die i've yet to return mine hahax)... n the packing was terrible cos all the clothes were in ziplock bags (which came in very handy as days passed)...

anyways on the 1st day i was totally late to reach school cos i was waiting for a b***dy taxi cos my bag was ultra heavy la... ya and i waited for 15 mins n there was no taxi in sight... so i took the buses n obviously i was late... but the bus that was supposed to take us from school to the punggol jetty was half an hour later than i was...

the amount of people totally freaked me out, esp those from chij st theresa's and xinmin sec... there were like TONS of them (or so it seemed)... and poor christchurch had a pathetic amount of what... less than 40 people? i think we were the minor-est minority there la...

so when they announced the group i was totally floored man.. i mean the results were cryable... i wasnt close to anyone in my group n on top of that, there were 5 others from woodgrove sec n another 5 from assumption engilsh... man it was depressing... n chee san was in the same group as anqi so she wasnt that bad off... n hui wen was in the same group as annabelle! that lucky cow... and me? sighs...

but gradually it wasnt so bad cos the people in my group were pretty nice, funny n cute people (except for a real small bunch, but lets not get to that)... ok so on the first day we did some kayaking practice thingie... man i think if not for having to laugh at my team members, i would have cried instead... these dumb rocks went into my shoes n totally scraped my skin off, and worst part was the wounds came into contact with the ever-so salty seawater! OUCH. dont believe me, you can go try it for yourself... IT HURTS. but the whole thing was great, n while we were kayaking my friend saw a fish??? you know how gross is that? esp when we had to do the capsize drill 5 mins later... ew! but my friend and i escaped it la hahax... cos it took so long to rescue another boat that there wasnt any time left for ours :))

the 2nd day was kinda fun but had this lag kinda feeling to it... cos i think we didnt have enough sleep the last nite n the activities weren't that vigorious... the main things were like belaying school n doing the double-dunnowhat-dangle (in short, 3D), n of course the flying fox which so rocked... the flying fox was really high up (probably 5-6 storeys mebbe?) n the route up was A PATHETIC LADDER. yes we had to climb up... n since it was so high up, you actually needed a belayer to belay you while climbing up... just in case you fall n stuff... i was freakin out when i reached the top... it was kinda nerve-wrecking cos i was deciding either to jump down or walk off the platform... just as i was about to jump off, our instructor Candy pointed out that there were photograhers at the bottom... JUST GREAT. "remember to smile!" words of wisdom just before i leapt off... man it was great! no i didnt scream... but it was so windy i had a temporary brainfreeze! super fun man! we wanted to do the longest flying fox in SEA which was also on Pulau Ubin, but couldnt cos it was "for the adults course only"... bummer... (its like 200m long :])
and at the end of the day, we had to hike to Camp 1 aka The Palace... it was a crappy hike but man when we got there... it was like WOW. i mean the facilities there were so nice la! too nice infact... it didnt have that OBS-y kinda atmosphere to it at all... those who got residential there were super lucky man... all the rockwalls were indoors n everything was just so NICE man... so ya we took our chance to shit n all that stuff there... but the bad part was we still had to sleep in tents, n we had to pitch em in the dark n in the rain, with only our torches as light sources... and i think we forgot to brush our teeth... hahax... oh n the lesson i learnt that day was: TRUST YOUR BELAYER. *big grin*

the 3rd day seemed kinda long, but was the most fun day of all... well only the DAY la... we did kayaking for like 6 hrs??? it was super fun man!!! shackleton n tenzing (huiwen & my teams) kayaked away from da Palace to another "campsite" (well thats what the instructors called it but we SO begged to differ)... the whole journey was super super fun, but it was kinda frustrating cos we always the last boat... or even worse, behind the last boat... cos we had to kayak in this diamond formation n ya my kayak was that slow la... the mangroves were the worst n most challenging part cos every 5 seconds i had to do steer rudder cos i was at the back and the mangroves formed this terrible meander... it was brutal! but hey it was like hands on practical session/ learning session so we picked up fast, n soon we were one of the kayaks at the front! *yay us!* oh ya, mangroves are scary man... no really... there was this mangrove tree we went right into, n the branches were just above my head... then i looked up n saw this crab on the branch... like ew imagine if it'd chosen to fall n land on my head??? that would be so gross... n there was some water in our kayak (like which kayak didnt have), n i saw this DEAD FISH inside! a dead fish in our kayak! it was friggin disgusting!!! luckily one of the woodgrove guys in my group was gentleman enough to help us :)

when we reached da "campsite" i think all of us could've dropped our paddles n jumped back into the kayaks n paddled back... cos the campsite was nothing but a SPARSE PIECE OF LAND with rocks aplenty... yep no showers so there was no bathing for us... n toilets? "gents to the right, ladees to the left. and if you need to do your l.s, please bring along the digger" man i think my mouth totally hit the floor... n the ground was so friggin rocky we couldnt use pegs to peg down our tents, so we ended up using stones... n the worst part was there was a lot of movement around the tents, so everyone accidentally kicked n shifted the stone around so by nite, the tents were real flimsy...

after the tent pitching we got a chance to 'bathe' in a quarry about 12 storeys deep... i was kinda nervous about that but with the life jacket on n the good company of friends, hey all was well... we even played a water spitting game with the instructors... hahax i think tenzing's instructor kim chuan got A LOT of water in his face from us :) n by the time we got back to our tents, it was drizzling, n when we were trying to cook, it RAINED... so it was bad... my group ended up eating those kinda canned food which didnt really need to be cooked like baked beans n sausages accompanied by bread, to save the hassle of having to wash the mess tins n pots... somehow the other groups like tenzing n livingstone came to know about it, and gave us all their leftovers n extra food... so sweet :) the guys were really funny cos like half of them were wearing the yellow ponchos cos they felt cold n stuff, whereas none of the girls had... n they kept asking us " dont u feel cold??" i said no, n they were like "wow..." so funny man... but the guys were really very nice cos some of us girls were running about the campsite to get some stuff done, while they were walking around in those fat ponchos... since some guys were on sentry duty, they kept telling us that everything would be alright n kept nagging us to get into our tents or at least wear a poncho, "later you get sick how?"... so they were quite gentlemanly afterall... :)
that was one of the worst nites cos it literally POURED on us, and me n my tent mates couldnt sleep cos it was super cold inside the tent... in the middle of the nite, i woke up wondering why my butt was so wet, and it turned out that it was flooding inside the tent! we tried to salvage the stuff by sopping the water up with our towels,then tried sleeping on our bags... in the end we just ran out, grabbed a poncho, sat inside the 'cooking tent' n slept there (not like i got any sleep) oh yeah my ziplocking of my clothes came in very handy cos our bags were completely drenched n so were the contents inside... but my stuff was totally dry cos they were in ziplocks, whereas my frens had to put up with wet clothing on the last day hahax... *smartie*

since i didnt sleep AT ALL in the nite, i was really beat n so not looking forward to the 6 hr hike ahead of us... n we had a terrible start cos we had to pack everything up, n the worst part was the tents... everything was so wet n stuff, n everyone was so not in the mood to do anything... i managed to fold the tent with majority of the help from the guys while my fellow tent mates stood at one side either eating or staring at us... sighs... ya n guess what i ate for breakfast? round about 2 packets of milo (the powder) n a packet n a half of crackers... a lil dry but what to do? n even worse was that my feet was already wrinkled like prunes from the kayaking n quarry-bathing from the 3rd day, n hadnt had the chance to dry since it was raining like mad on the 3rd nite, we hadda hike in totally wet n water-filled wrinkled feet... not only is it gross, but by the time you finish 2km, your feet will totally ache n the skin sorta feels like tearing apart... ouch, yes i know... oh oh and plus the dumb backpack... and i thought my mt.k bag was bad... i think this one was like 2-3 times wayy worse... but with the "mind over body" inspiration (oh hahax), we made it to our destination (Camp 2, which was our original location...) in not too bad a timing...

the moment we came back, we just threw the friggin backpacks on the ground and almost went ballistic from happiness man... Candy was nice enough to let us off on the 4th n last nite, so we had all the time in the world to cook n bathe n pitch our tents n wash the pots n stuff... ya n man was this episode kinda funny... i was unpacking my OBS hiking bag in the quadrangle to put my stuff back into the backpack i'd brought to Ubin when suddenly this cute guy whom i thought never knew i existed came up to me n stood beside me (i was kinda kneeling on the ground doing my stuff), called me n asked me what i was doing... i got the shock of my life man. i mean ok first, i was so surprised he knew my name, n second... what if i was unpacking my undergarments and suddenly he came up to me? omg the consequences would be totally unimaginable man... but luckily nothin of that sort happened n we just had a short chat n he left... whew...

i think the last nite was the only nite i managed to sleep well but it was still kinda funny cos our tent had a problem with the zip so we couldnt zip up the entrance of our tent very well... just nicely as me n my tent mates were struggling to zip up the tent and smuggle some food over from the guys' tent, this really funny instructor was doing some spot checking to make sure everyone was in their tents... first he was checking the tent of the girls from assumption, and when he was checking, they asked "who are you?" and of all answers he gave, it had to be "the most hated person in the world..." my tent people were giggling like mad by the time he came over to check our tent... he noticed the zip n tried to zip the tent up, but it only made matters worse n got the zip totally stuck... when he realised that he was like "oh shit... ah forget it la..." n hurried us to sleep... oh gosh n that happened when we were just about to take off our shirts n sleep in our sportsbras cos it was kinda hot inside the tent... just imagine the DIRE consequences can... we tried telling ghost stories but we just ended up laughing cos 1 of my tent mates would start laughing like mad when she smelt too much insecticide, which was unavoidable since we'd blasted the whole tent with it... n i sorta added to the laughter cos i was trying to stretch my legs in the tent by kicking the roof of the tent, but my friends complained that it was 'raining sand' every time i kicked the tent... strangely i was the only one who didnt get 'showers of sand blessings'... but man i think i slept like a bear in hibernation...

the 5th n last day was a really long one for us cos we were supposed to be dismissed by the afternoon, but we had to do storage in the morning... man i tell u i was so sad doing storage la! i helped to lay out the ponchos n wash the groundsheets, but Candy said that 1 of the groundsheets wasnt clean enough, so i ended cleaning that one piece of thing for almost 4-5 times!!! n just before that i cleaned like at least 3 groundsheets on my own la... i looked so stupid cleaning n splashing water n sitting on 3 groundsheets that were like 2 or 3 times my size... i could've just sat down on that particular dumb dumb groundsheet n used my tears to wash it man hahax... but it was kinda fun cos i had to run about the place :) the getting of our certs n group pics n valuables (esp our hps) was the best part but it oh so sad to leave man... hahax oh well at least i've got plenty of memories to spare me :))

-coming together is only the beginning, keeping it together is the process- [how should i know who its by?] found at OBS Camp 1 canteen

Top 10 most irritating/gross/troublesome things in OBS that goes without mentioning:
(but i'll mention it anyways)

10. no toilets (i can do without showers, but having no toilets is too much...)
9. having to walk around with those huge n heavy tweety-bird ponchos
8. having to open canned foods with a pathetic jack-knife/swiss-knife
7. the peanut butter crackers
5. packing the tents (esp after a terribly rainy night)
4. sleeping in a flooded tent and waking up to find noah's ark all around you
3. doing storage (esp cleaning ground sheets... oh sobs)
2. the little itty-bitty-bitey ants (esp the red ones who try to bite you but to no avail hahax)
1. the INSECTICIDE!!! (its more like a humanicide la... so smelly... esp when you spray a whole tent with it and your tent mate gets a high and starts laughing from smelling it... sighs...)

but more or less i still have a few wors to end off...: SHACKLETON SO ROXX MAN :))

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Tuesday, November 08, 20058:32 PM

whaaaa... ok now its an IT Publisher course...hahax great... i am in ABSOLUTELY NO mood to do this stuff right here right now... hey i mean, check out ,my time table fer the day * Morning: IT Publisher course. Noon- afternoon: Math tuition. Night: Philippines mission trip meeting.
oh for crying out loud, tell me i have a reason to scream and go through a nervous breakdown... the instructor's kinda funny and friendly, but when hui wen said that he's cute... erm... i'd say so-so la... hahax... okiez there's not many people typing along with me, and chee san's sooo far away (hahax), and im right in view of the instructor! so i'd better quit typing soon... #signing off#

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