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contemplate... aahhh fuck.
Thursday, August 21, 20084:40 PM

omg these past 2 days (or is it 3? ah whatever you guys get the idea) have been kinda brain-mashing for me. pfft im not even sure that's the correct word to use cos it sounds funny =x

anyways i've been reading the old blogs that i sed to read like what, in my sec sch days? (okay more accurately, when i was sec 4 and done with o levels.) well they're probably pretty familiar, and i have them linked to my blog: Wendy Cheng and Tila Tequila's blogs :D and i think, that from reading too much from their blogs, i've come "under the influence". HAHA hell i sound pathetic. so anyways, i've been reading so much, and my brains are totally fogged over their ideas and stuff. ooooooh gosh. like like um... let me start with Wendy's blog aka XiaXue.

so recently XiaXue went for some cosmetic surgery thingie (i dont say plastic surgery cos they dont put plastics into you!!! well not plastic like those rubbermaid containers la...), and got lip fillers! i must say they look very nice indeed, but im not too sure if i'd wanna go for that, cos i think my boyfriend would probably wince before kissing me if i did. plus i'd probably burst them or something, courtesy of my lip-chewing habit. (oi i do not have an anxiety issue okay, it's just a damn habit i developed from my dry-lips days.)

BUT. i stumbled onto this very interesting website that does very good cosmetic surgery (thanks to XiaXue again), that's based in the States. gosh one visit to the website, and now im thinking of going there for a breast augmentation. heehee... okay i know there's this big debatey thing over whether natural boobs are better than augmented boobs, or vice versa. but hey, if you try to look from different angles and perspectives, both have their own pros and cons (duh).

okay lets start with au naturel. first up, the nice thing about going natural is that you dont have to worry if your implant is gonna burst if you move your arm this way and that, or if your boyfriend's intense groping is gonna cause the saline to leak out and stuff (eewww... but it's supposed to be totally safe leh). and the less surgery you go for, the less you have to worry about over the possible complications you might suay-ly kena, like scarring and other weird things i shall not mention, cos you can read it for yourself at the above mentioned website. plus if you are blessed with natural and beautiful curves and stuff, hell with cosmetic surgery right?!

BUT (again). what if Mother Nature decided to be a bitch on the day you were born, condemning you to a life of distortedness just because she was PMS-ing while you were still innocently developing inside the womb?(hello, i belong to this group! :] bleh :/) then... cosmetic surgery is like a god-sent! for those ladies out there who are either late bloomers (physically la) or just plain suay (like me), cosmetic surgery might actually be of help. the whole purpose of such surgery is to help correct some defects that we might not be happy with, and possibly affects our self-esteem in one way or another. so, in this manner, cosmetic surgery aint that bad! so, why not? just dont overdo it la, later end up looking exactly like Barbie. man, that would so suck.
"Hey Barbie, how's it like to be completely made out of plastic and still be able to have sex?" omg.

okay that was sooo lame and random, but yeah, makes you ponder a bit eh? anyways, after seeing a video on breast augmentation and the procedure they carry out at Cruise Plastic Surgery, im actually pretty keen on going for it (boyfriend starts gasping now). their procedure is really thorough, and Dr Cruise is really experienced as well. and i've been trying ways to make my boobs bigger, just so that i'll look proportionate -__-"" yes, though it's not that obvious (actually it is leh...), i am SO NOT proportionate. well i've been (not so) blessed with a big round butt, but unfortunately do not have a bra size to match (not really match, but just make my figure look even). so now i look super skinny/tiny on the top (think xs - s), and big-bottomed (like m - l???). oh wow. yippee yay.

im like a 36B now, and honestly i could do with moving up 1 or 2 cup sizes. honestly. so im 18, but so what? just because im thinking about it doesnt mean i'll do it NOW. siao meh you think i have so much lui (money, duh) to throw arh. damn i wish man. but i guess i'll wait till im like, uh... 22 or 23, then go for it after giving it more thoughts. after all, cosmetic surgery (esp major ones) arent something you can just put in and take out as and when you want. there's a reason why they're considered SURGERY.

hmmm 36D would be so nice for me though... sighs oh well, i shall have to find a job (damn), save up and see how things go (hopefully for the better!). cosmetic surgery aint cheap, so i've to start watching my expenses. soon. haha :]

okay moving on to Tila's blog. well it aint really a blog to begin with, it's more like a Tila-network place, where adorers of Tila Tequila meet, mingle and worship her (yes i am one of them HAHA). and yes, regsitration is required, but hey it's free! it's a bit like facebook-meets-Tila's-myspace-page kinda thing. and boy, i've been having a Tila fever recently, reading her posts everyday and stuff. and now i kinda want to get a tattoo. not like i've never had the urge, but it's just a whole lot stronger now :] she's on the cover of Inked Magazine, hella! so now im really thinking about getting a tattoo. or two. hee :D oh oh plus her party pictures so make me miss Singapore, happy island of happy crazy parties. okay so i've never been to a REAL party (like those siao siao ones) but i've had my small share of partying (sans alcohol and ti kos) and dirty dancing. fuck it was fun.

well it was actually a Jam&Hop session at NP's REDcamp, but hell, it was WAY better than i expected! the lights, music, beats, grooves and dancing, almost equivalent to a real club! except for the lousy wooden boards they put as floors. whoa getting caught by random girls around the waist and getting forced to dirty dance with them... hella! that is a damn fucking awesome experience i tell you! and all the guys looking around this group of hot girls dirty dancing each other, and trying to dance their way closer to us... HAH. awesome shit. love it man. the music was so loud i even became partially deaf for like what 2-3 days? heehee... i still remember screaming to all the awesome dance songs they played, which is probably why i lost my hearing for a while lol :x

so yup, kinda missing the whole partying thing now, after seeing pics on Tila's website. blehhh haha i know, getting crazier and crazier here. Fe flipped when i told her i pierced my navel. no wait, she didnt even believe me! until i let her feel it for herself. then she flipped haha. oh oh i bought new navel studs anyways, soooo cant wait to change! whoots i needa post the pics of them here too! so pretty! gonna need more jewelry holders haha~

okays so summing up this entry. contemplating on getting my tiny titties augmented, wanna get a tattoo (BOYFRIEND OEI), and so wanna start partying more often, though it seems more unsafe here in Canada than in Singapore :[ but whatever, i've been straightlaced for too long. trying to live up to everyone's fucking expectations. very fun arh, putting expectations on people. go find yourself a pet and start expecting things from it SHEESH.

OH WAIT. i need to make a list before i forget!
1) find a job like soon. before i run low on lui.
2) get Tila Tequila's album(s)!
3) finish up my Singapore Scrapbook~ (im taking eons...)
4) stop worrying about what grade im going into. the school's deciding it, and i have no say.
5) bug Hubby to send me more pictures of himself & my babies :D
7) prep myself up for school (ahhh shitz...)
8) start controlling my expenses (= less makeup and new clothes :[)
10) concentrate on my world religions course a little more... (phooey)
11) mail Cheesan the neoprints, send that thing to Hubby, and reply those 3emails... zzz...
12, 13,14) refer to paragraph above

yupps that should be about it. i'd add "get my driver's license" to the list, but heck, i've got enough to do for now.

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