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Sunday, September 14, 20085:04 PM

i've been thinking. i've had this blog of mine for quite some time (over 2years, in fact!), and occasionally some people who stumble onto my blog do read an entry or two. maybe i could try to make something outta it?

and there it is, the nuffnang ad on the sidebar of my blog! yupyup i joined nuffnang.com, which helps bloggers and advertisers alike make money and basically, well... do BUSINESS! :D yeah! business on your blog. just sounds so ideal especially for a soon-to-be-but-still-a-long-way-to-go graduating student like myself :D but just in case naffnang doesnt work out...

i sent in an application for Google Adsense too! hopefully that one will go okay too. so in any case, im really serious about the whole blog-&-business thing, but im gonna need help with upping my blog traffic and stuff like that. i hope anyone who gets to read this can help me, as im not sure if my research is enough. i'll be 'advertising' my blog a little more.

i have this dream, that when anyone here asks me what my part-time job is (cos everyone in senior high here has one! im so out of place!), i wanna stand up proudly and say that, "i blog for my income!" not (just) because it sounds cool, but because i do enjoy blogging a whole lot, and i've realized the power of the blog due to the the amount of influence media has on us these days. i've realized i can do more with my blog other than just ranting about my day and complaining over trivial things. i can also blog about things that everyone can relate to and understand, and in turn communicate with people and make more friends (yay!).

yupyup, zee power of za blogg. never unzereszeemazes zis! (did anyone get that?)

Help Me Please?
you know you want to :D

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