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your health guru is here and says "READ ME, ALL YE PEOPLE!"
Thursday, September 18, 20085:06 PM

okay no la, im no health guru, and neither do i demand you to read this entry. but if you're hella sickly (like moi), this article might be of interest to you. you can read it here if you want, but im gonna post this up just in case there're people who are too lazy to click on the link (plus in case the webpage expires in the long-run).

1. Ease a cough with chocolate
Active ingredient: Theobromine
What it does: Theobromine suppresses activity in the vagus nerve, which causes coughing. According to a study published in a recent issue of The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology journal, it was one-third more effective at stopping a persistent cough than a placebo.

Suggested serving size: One 50-gram bar of dark chocolate or two cups (500 mL) of hot cocoa (made with real cocoa, not hot chocolate mix) per day.
(really? i should try... but i hate dark chocolate leh...)

2. Stave off a cold with garlic
Active ingredient: Allicin
What it does:
Allicin boosts the immune system and kills off viral and bacterial infections, says Peter Josling, clinical director of the Herbal Research Center in East Sussex, England.

Suggested serving size: Four cloves, two times a week during cold season. You'll get more allicin from raw garlic, so try mashing it on whole wheat bread, pasta or salad.
(shit my parents better not find this out. or it'll be the end of me :[)

3. Curb diarrhea with coconut
Active ingredient:
What it does:
Coconut water hydrates better than a sports drink. It's also high in potassium, which helps replenish electrolytes (natural salt substances that maintain cell function) lost through diarrhea.

Suggested serving size: Up to two cups (500 mL) of coconut water (it's now available in cartons) per day until diarrhea stops.
(does this work for bananas as well? they're loaded with potassium too...)

4. Kill a yeast infection with yogurt
Active ingredient: Bacteria
What it does: Eating plain unsweetened yogurt promotes the growth of good bacteria in the vagina. Yogurt is also slightly acidic, which adjusts vaginal pH to kill yeast.

Suggested serving size: One cup (250 mL) per day until infection clears. After that, eat at least one cup (250 mL) of yogurt two to three times per week to maintain healthy bacteria levels.
(i've never had yeast infection, but when i do kena, i'll know what to do :D)

5. Fight acne with watermelon
Active ingredient: Lycopene
What it does: The juicy fruit contains almost 40 per cent more skin-soothing lycopene than raw tomatoes. According to Massimo Marcone, a food science professor at the University of Guelph in Ontario, this antioxidant protects skin from oxygen damage, which weakens the skin's outer layer and makes it easier for acne-causing bacteria to invade.

Suggested serving size: One cup (250 mL) of fresh mushed watermelon per day.
(yes!!! i love watermelons!!! why why my face still look like a minefield arh...? MA!!! I WANT MORE WATERMELONS!!!)

6. Ward off rosacea with red peppers
Active ingredient: Vitamin C
What they do: Vitamin C boosts collagen production, which keeps skin moisturized and helps reduce wrinkles. This powerful antioxidant also stabilizes the skin surrounding blood vessels, which Toronto dermatologist Paul Cohen says may reduce blushing.

Suggested serving size: 1/4 cup (50 mL) per day of chopped raw peppers (cooking reduces vitamin C content).
(i dont do well with bell peppers. will plain old vitamin c tablets do just as well? ehhhh reduce blushing? AWESOME! then people won't know when im embarrassed, and they'll think im damned thick-skinned! mwahahaha~)

7. Tackle PMS with milk
Active ingredients: Calcium and vitamin D
What it does: A study published last year in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that women who had diets high in calcium and vitamin D (1200 mg of calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D daily) experienced less severe PMS symptoms. Researchers suggest that decreased levels of estrogen during the latter half of the menstrual cycle may interfere with the absorption of both nutrients, but they're unsure why this might trigger PMS.

Suggested serving size: Four cups (250 mL each) of skim milk or fortified soy milk per day. Substitute a 1/2-cup (125-mL) serving of a yogurt containing both calcium and vitamin D (such as Source by Yoplait) for one to two milk servings. If you're sensitive to dairy, try a calcium and vitamin D supplement.
(lactose-intolerant ladies, you have no excuse! :p)

8. Heal a wound with pumpkin seeds
Active ingredients: Zinc, protein
What they do: Like vitamin C, zinc supports collagen production, which strengthens skin and blood vessels.

Suggested serving size: 1/4 cup (50 mL) of roasted or raw seeds per day until the cut is healed.
(specially for accident-prone people like me!)

9. Boost fertility with cremini mushrooms
Active ingredient: Selenium
What they do: This variety of mushrooms is especially packed with selenium, a mineral that protects your eggs - and uterine cells - from damaging free radicals.

Suggested serving size: Two to 2 1/2 cups (500 to 625 mL) of cooked mushrooms three times a week until you conceive. Cooking shrinks the mushrooms but doesn't compromise the nutrition, says Marcone. It also packs more selenium into each serving.
(whoa... i didnt know mushrooms were that powerful...)

10. Reduce bloating with peppermint tea
Active ingredient: Peppermint
What it does: Peppermint soothes the digestive tract and relaxes muscles to encourage flatulence, says Brenda Arychuk, an Edmonton-based registered dietitian. The tea also eases indigestion and speeds up the passage of food by improving the flow of bile - necessary for fat digestion.

Suggested serving size: One cup (250 mL) or more of peppermint tea, whenever you feel bloated or gassy. Steer clear of this remedy if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease. Peppermint can worsen symptoms such as heartburn and indigestion by relaxing the system so much that stomach acid flows back up the esophagus.
(do read the last line properly. remember everything has its pros and cons yup! on the other hand, if you want to get rid of the oil from that deep-fried chicken dinner, have a cup of hot tea beside you e.g green tea. hot teas help in the breaking down of fats, helping to rid the body of them, whereas cold drinks with an oily dinner will end up solidifying the fats in your body. you dont want that, do you..?)

11. Relieve bowel trouble with black beans
Active ingredient: Fibre
What they do: Black beans are a great source of soluble fibre - a half cup (125 mL) contains 6.4 grams, an amount that Vancouver-based registered dietitian Heather McColl recommends you eat every day. How does this help? Soluble fibre eases constipation by softening stool, making it easier to pass. It also adds bulk to the colon - thickening things up to avoid diarrhea.

Suggested serving size: One cup (250 mL) of canned black beans per day until you're back to normal.
(on a side note, you may want to find another alternative if you worry about having gas as a side effect to this... no kidding man.)

12. Protect your bones with kale
Active ingredients: Calcium and vitamin K
What it does: Kale is a good source of both calcium and vitamin K. Just a half cup (125 mL) of the chopped leafy green covers your daily recommended intake of vitamin K - essential in producing the proteins needed to create strong bones. Calcium further bolsters bone strength to speed healing and prevent future fractures.

Suggested serving size: A half cup (125 mL) of chopped, cooked kale per day until break heals. Too bitter for you? Try adding kale to other foods such as pasta sauce, salad or soup. And choose a bunch with smaller leaves - they have a milder flavour.
(bitter veggie? oh no... do remember to get your daily dose of vitamin d in order for this to work. calcium cannot be absorbed into the body without the help of vitamin d. should you be abundant in calcium but lacking in vitamin d, be warned: the calcium will start wandering around your arteries, and end up sticking itself there; resulting in calcium plaque forming in your vital arteries. and we know what that will lead to right?)

disclaimer: i've never tried any of these before, so try at your own risk. but do let me know if they work yup! i might wanna try some out myself too :D

and yes, my comments are the ones in italics and brackets. i've included additional information from what i know/have learned in my high school years of biology studies. you may think it's rubbish from some random high school teen, but trust me, everything i learn is based on research, so i do know what im talking about. and my family has a lot of medical history, thus adding to what i know of certain things :]

oh oh and if you have additional health information related to the above, let me know! i'd love to post it up here and let everyone know, because everyone has a right to a healthy life :] as we only have one :]

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