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creeper nia...
Wednesday, November 12, 20087:34 PM

okay for some reason, despite it being a very weird, once-every-2-months thing happening to me, i forgot to blog about it! so i shall do so today. what once-every-2-months thing is that? getting approached by guys.

and not shuai-dai, around the same age as me kind of guys, but like fucking old guys/ah peks, say around 30/40+ to 70+ years old. tamade.

i was walking out to the plaza opposite school during my spare period to go to Michael's (yes the craft store la). as i was reaching the exit, i noticed this guy walking by outside. i didnt bother really, since the school is next to a park and obviously all sorts of people go by. so i exited and just walked.

my walking pace is pretty fast when i walk alone, so i was soon ahead of that guy. suddenly i found him walking beside me, looking and smiling at me.

"nice day isnt it?"
"uh... yeah... it's quite nice."

"so how are you?"
"um... im good... thanks."

"so... what's your name?"
"um... Jerlyne."

"what? Jolin? or..."
"no, it's JER-lyne."

"oh Jerlyne... that's a pretty name!"
"oh... uh... thanks."

"a pretty name that matches your pretty face."
"oh... thank you very much... really."

obviously you know who said which line. if you dont, i've colour-coded it for you. like okay, thanks for the compliment and all, but i really dont appreciate being followed and approached like that, especially by guys who look like they're in their thirties going through some kinda mid-life crisis. i came out from a school for goodness sakes. my age range is so obvious. ughhhhhh *shudders*

guess what? this aint the first time. yeah the first was worse nia.

i was at the dollarstore with my mum and sis getting school supplies. i was around the stationery section while my sis dragged my mum off to the toys section. i was looking at binders and stuff like that when i noticed this old man pushing a trolley talking to this girl with huge-ass boobs. after she left, he started looking at me.

he came up to me, said hi, and made small talk, like about the weather and stuff. then he began asking me questions like which town am i staying in and which school i go to. yes totally creepy. i tried to walk away, but he kept talking to me, and i didnt want to seem rude, so i stayed on. then he asked me if we could meet up for lunch another day and i was like "um... NO."

and guess what he did next? came up to me and stroked my back! holy crap! shit la. i pulled away, probably blushed a lot from embarrassment, said goodbye and just walked away. walao i felt damn dirty for the rest of the day lor. ugh kena molested by lao ah pek... that's just really wrong and really gross.

i am making it a point that it will never happen to me again. and even if it does (touch wood), i will not react in the same docile manner. hello, xiao niang here is not for you to creep up on and prey on okay. i dont care if you cant control yourself or whatever shit, learn to give girls some respect!

ugh... i've never had anything like this happen to me before in Singapore, probably because the people there are a bit more conserved and know how to keep their distance. sigh Singapore i miss you~!

kns, i hope this isnt something that i have to "get used to"...

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