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carnival barnacles
Friday, February 17, 20068:06 AM

wowsies i can finally get the first entry of this year in :) don't think i'll be posting many cos of the o's this year -.-'' dang... but anyways i can finally get a breather from all that hectic hell i've been getting these days from schoolwork n the 'oh so happening' carnival thats been driving me nuts... i've yet to get used to the routine of mock exams, class tests n remedial classes... oh well i expected them last year but im still adjusting respectively :)

the carnival stuff is even worse!!! i got sabotaged to be overall in charge of the banner n decorations stuff n it was gross! pressurizing n pretty cool, it was still kinda difficult cos i hadda milk every single drop of brain juice for its worth to get ideas out... -.-'' and when i was doing the banners, dang did i feel like some kinda vandal/graffiti artist (depens on the way you look at it... i was only doing banners which are decorative stuff :)) brush of dripping red paint in one hand, shaking a can of black spray paint in another, looking super nonchalant n bored, waiting for a nice piece of blank spacious nothing to victimise n leave my mark... dang that was super cool... hey even the teachers like mr thomas than gave a nod of approval... couldn't do it without my gang of helpers namely manda the CHAIRMAN, jingyi, mel, tina, atikah n jess... thanks n love you peeps loads (if you're reading this)...

anyways the open house (trial run la) was today but i didn't do much... just ordered some gelly alphabets test tubes from hui wen's stall... man i seriously agree with drey... they SO should drop from sciences n go to ECONOMICS instead... i mean the way they priced their goods was so... cool... its like their class was born entrepreneurship-ly or something... in any case im gonna get my orders tmr n go work my shift at one of the stalls... i wonder if my 5 booklets can last me :)

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