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camera phobia
Friday, June 02, 20068:38 AM

oh gosh today must be like the most embarrassing/funny/weird/oh-my-gosh day ever of my 16 year long life lols... as far as i can remember that is...

today chee san, drey, yiwen, sam n me went to macs after geog for breakfast... then after breakfast yw wanted to try the van gogh sketch machine which is outside macs la... cs n i were standing at the side of the machine near the pillar while the rest of them were inside the machine checking it out... then out of nowhere i see kym ng. n this kinda cute guy (some people told me he's from some superhost thing). n this elevated microphone. n a CAMERA. thats for FILMING. OH MY GOSH. man was i stunned...

my head was still hanging out for all the camera to see, while kym ng was asking the 4 of them some question like "what do you normally do after school?" in mandarin, when cs suddenly pulled me behind the pillar... then out of nowhere (again) manda n co appeared n kym ng also started asking them the same questions... they ran around from macs to guardian while cs n i were contemplating on hiding in the toilet... it was kinda funny cos they practically ran after them, cameras n all... the cute superhost guy even hollered after us "at least say bye bye!!" in mandarin... cs n i hurried over to our big bunch, n i turned n waved "BYE BYE!" with my nicest smile lols (may the puking noises begin)...

man am i still feeling kinda shocked... i mean hello i so hope they DO NOT put us on national on tv... i mean if u wanna interview us, at least catch us in nicer home clothes n not in our kuku school clothes... i mean like hello who wants to get interviewed on national tv wearing a "i love chr" shirt with that cutesy *bleh* logo n the chr pe shirt??? not me n my friends, thats what i know... n for goodness sake some of us were having a bad hair day! messy hair, flyaway hair, hair full of pins, curtain hair... oh whatever u get my drift... arghs all i can hope is that they don't air this on tv with the mandarin captions "why are u guys running away???" *freaks*

oh btw, so sad tina missed out on the fun :) should've come earlier la girl x))

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