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cheesan. LOLS :)
Wednesday, June 07, 20063:00 AM

hahax due to 'popular' demand (if you consider 1 demand close to anything popular), im back again to write an entry dedicated to my oh-so-wonderful mummy LEECHEESAN :) now do you feel honoured mummy dearest? >.<

yeahs my mummy n i have some weird history... at first she started out as my guardian, then by some strange twist of fate, she became (more like upgraded) my mummy lols... i have loads of fun irritating my mummy (n im sure she has just as much fun irritating me back anyways), n i highly recommend anyone who's bored outta their minds to try irritating her as their hobby... see im so nice right? promote my own mummy haahaas... n i have to confess that its so fun dragging my dear mummy to take neoprints with us cos she's just plain FUNNY... always got that same blur gong gong look on her face when the pics come out...

n if you think im insane n wonder where i got it from, its from my nutty mum... she's pretty crazy too, just that she keeps it to herself, so not many people know... shhhhh don't tell anyone kiez? itsa secret :) n she can be so funny sometimes... like the lift n escalator thing (i don't think she needs to be reminded of that)... but oh wells she's my mummy n i still love her just as much, even with her crappiness :)

see mum im sucha filial daughter right? *big grin* now you cannot complain that i didn't mention you in my blog... eh tell me your blog link leh... i wanna have a look at the yuna wallpaper... oh btw mummy n i love final fantasy too... just that she's more fanatical than i am... and no... TIDUS CANNOT VANISH!!! NOOO!!! you can use th names cloud, rinoa, squall n tifa on your future kids, but the names tidus n yuna r reserved for ME!!! haahaas :)

n yeahs i wanna be you bridesmaid next time when you get married... MUST REMEMBER ME OKAYYS??? n you owe me a trip to buangkok... you promised! cannot bully me like some other people *hint hint* you said we can go there after you f&n practical or something like that... remember you promise okayys??? :) <3

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