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fe honey's sweet16 =]
Friday, September 22, 200611:42 AM

hahax so fun i went to fe honey's parents' cafe at biopolis to celebrate her SWEETSIXTEEN birthday yesterday =] hahax it was so cool man...

reg pranked her by saying she had exams on thurs 21 and couldn't make it till about 6pm... but... the thing is... she didnt! lols and fe didnt know! hahax so yeahs me and fe's friends and matt knew about it except her! well it was supposed to be a surprise after all like duh~

yeahs and the second prank was the candles... see reg and i bought self-relighting candles behind fe's back, and told her parents to plant them on her cake. so again everyone knew about it even her parents... except her... so thats like 2 pranks for reg & 1 for me boo =[

in any case i was the only lucky duck with no school that day (with the exception of reg but then again she aint in secondary sch no more =/) so that meant i could practically wear whatever i wanted. but since i couldn't decide what to wear... i wore my SCHOOL UNIFORM lols!!! its like im given a chance to NOT wear the uniform and i just HAVE to wear it out. to a PARTY/CELEBRATION lols. im beyond lamefied... oh well since just about everyone was coming from school and wearing their school uniforms, i thought why not join in the bandwagon? =] so i did... and man did i ever funk up the school uniform. like seriously. i think i flouted like nearly 10 school rules all at once???

1. i tied my hair up into 2 pony tails. but i only tied up half my head of hair... the rest were like flying all over the place like erm... some big mess? but i looked okayy la =]
2. i wore like dangling earrings. hahax estimated length: about 5 cm+? lols yeahs thats how much i flouted the rules. and openly too...
3. i wore the ring ____ gave me plus this other rocker bracelet thingie i bought from the philippines out with the uniform. and its not like they're tiny either. the ring's so shiny and the bracelet's kinda thick and boldly black, making them pretty hard to miss.
4. i couldn't help it but i just HAD to wear wonderfully colourful ankle socks out; they're so pretty lols. and they look so much nicer =]
5. i wore my fave sport shoes out which i bought from city square lols. like duh why would i wanna wear my crummy old school shoes there right?
well i can't remember the rest so i'll stop here on the rule-flouting. i would've taken a pic but if anyone saw it and reported it to my school i'd be so toast lols so yeahs im not gonna take that chance. besides why would i wanna foul my blog with pics of my school's kindergarten-like logo? like i dont see it enough already -.-''

hahax so yeahs imagine me going out like that in public on the train on the way to buona vista its like so ohmytian lols. so i used matt's social studies notes which i was gonna pass to him to cover up my school logo on the train. you know just in case i get reported for flouting school rules by people who have no better life out there than to stare at the various uniforms of students -.-'' they obviously have some form of obsessive-compulsive behaviour of some sort...

yeahs at the buona vista station matt and i were like hunting for fe and her friends and reg but there was like nobody there! so we just hung around the place waiting for some familiar face to show up and help get us to biopolis. and just the other night fe told me she'd be at the station! =[ so anyways reg appeared and was on the phone with one of fe's friends. it was so funny can? well first of all she was wearing this funny shirt (okay so i found it funny) and she was trying to take directions from fe's friend. thing is we (matt and i trailed her) ended up running all over the station lols... cos fe's friend was saying something about a 7-eleven store and reg ended up running all over the place looking for it (unfortunately it was at the biopolis not the station -.-''). so anyways we walked (what the... got shuttle bus dont wanna take -.-'') to biopolis and reg told me to ''look out for a group of 5 to 6 girls in blue pinafores and white blouses. they are highly dangerous...'' hahax i didn't know whether to buy it or not but i did just in case =]

yeahs so we met 2 of fe's friends at a bus station and started planning on how to get fe back to the cafe (cos her other friends had taken her out for a 'walk') cos reg, the surprise of the day, would be sitting there waiting for her lols... hahax well apparently when fe saw reg sitting there she was kinda reluctant to go inside the cafe i dunno why... the other friends hoarded in and were like discussing were to sit (typical girl fashion la im guilty of it too =]) fe and her dad asked how come reg appeared outta nowhere and reg explained her prank lols... and poor uncle ian! he was like the only chef there (i think) and had to cook for 11 of us! (12 if you count sam the waiter lols) and yeah we kept making fun of sam and kept calling him ''waiter~!'' i know we're such meanies lols...

so anyways we took like lotsa photos (her friends mainly) here and there... so sad my camera died on me =[ but i'll get the photos from either fe or her friends i guess boo =[ and the food there was great yup yupps =] i broke my record of eating philly's cheesesteak all the time yay!

oh no i accidentally covered kelly's face! >.< lols ="]" color="#33cc00">fe =] hmmm maybe i should put the card here...

the simple yet neat layout of savoury blise =]

yeah and fe's friends were like so super funny... one girl asked her friend beside her to sing a song and that friend just turned to her with this stoned expression and deadpanned ''do i look like a jukebox to you?'' then she pointed to her right shoulder ''insert quarter here.'' lols it was so funny man =] and yes the food rocks hahax i can't stop raving over it... and its really healthy too cos uncle ian uses olive oil to cook =] so health conscious eh...

yeahs and fe kept telling everyone that there was this 'surprise' for us but since she told me and reg on sunday we already knew it in advance: a pinata. and sam made it himself. never knew he was sucha nice guy lols... *shocked* and watching fe whack the pinata was really funny... her friends were going like ''imagine it's this teacher!'' and ''no no it's this teacher! you hate her right???'' hahax eventually sam ended up whacking the pinata like crazy and resorted to tearing it open lols cos it wouldn't burst =] boy it was candy galore =] (heard he took 3 days & 2 nights to finish it o.O)

oh yes the cake how could i not mention the cake? i'd be crazy if i don't mention it lols... uncle ian very nicely remembered to put the relighting candles on fe's cake and everyone was giggling away as we asked her to make a wish and blow out the candles... the candles were giving out sparks and fe was like ''wait why are the candles sparkling? why like that?'' and we just made her blow them out. which she of course failed to la duh =] halfway through she asked us to help her but we like ''no no its your cake la'' =] hehex we're so mean =] finally we put them out by dumping them into a glass of water... and yes it was the cake that i so love! haven't eaten it since my 14th birthday~ hahax should've eaten more of it but i was really full la =[ and reg was like on some crazy high lols... must be the cake and coffee sweets hehex =]

make a wish for world peace! =]

my dear retarded reg... don't ask where she got the props from -.-''

hahax and after fe's friends left, sam, fe, reg, me and matt piled into the backseat of fe's parents' car (im still amazed it could actually move) with me sitting on reg's lap lols... she was like some kinda booster seat-cum-seat belt thingie to me =] her parents dropped us off at clementi central where we did like walking around and getting even more high... now reg has some crazy obsession over guinea pigs and wants to buy one but fe and i are so discouraging her from that... imagine her with a pet guinea pig *freaks* and yeahs she did henna on her hand too lols that crazy girl... and i bought another abercrombie and fitch shirt again hahax can't help it i like the material =]

reg's very interesting henna... she almost made fe and me to that too...

and as usual i went home late... an hour late to be exact... my parents had given me like 4 missed calls and 2 text messages and i was kinda afraid to pick up at first cos i thought they were out to scold me or something but nooooo... it was... regarding.. the... *tadaa* GOLDFISH -.-'' they'd called and texted me to remind me to feed the fish seaweed when i came home cos they went out for dinner that night... zzz scare me for nothing -.-''

and when my parents came home (way after me) they interrogated me =[ over whether uncle ian accepted payment for the food from us, which he didnt... so i got a scolding lor ='[ cos i'd planned to stick the cash all over the cafe in case they didnt accept it... sad thing was i forgot to bring sticky tape ='[ and for that i got a scolding ='[ zzz...

anyways i had a great time and fe's finally 16! like me! lols =] despite the scolding i got later at home, it still rocked =] love ya fe honey =] hope you like the 'present' i gave you <3

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