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oh shush already
Friday, September 15, 20062:30 AM

im not a born entertainer
so don't expect me to entertain your every whim and fancy
and stop expecting it from me
i listen to my mp3 at high decibels to shut out your noise by the way
it gives me terrible headaches that don't stop and i don't need
if you happen to be wondering
stop thinking what's wrong with me
if you can't find much of a solution from scrutinizing a person
then maybe its time to scrutinize yourself
i understand that screaming and shouting is a very liberating thing
but for goodness sakes' find a proper location to do that
like the rooftop of some old building or a carpark
not at HOME
what if people think that child abuse is going on at our home?
or consider it noise pollution?
and wondefully call up the police?
that might happen one fine day you know
and goodness
you know you're in bad health
you know why?
its not because of age really
you still have a pretty long way to go to get that stage
its because of your screaming and shouting and inability to control your anger
much as you find screaming and shouting at the kids and me a fun way to scare us and tame us
its just aggravating your own not-so-good conditioned health
so don't go around saying that we're causing you stress and stuff
you're the one who lets it get to you
and you let it out the wrong way
yeah so you're starting to work out and watch your diet now
its not just the physical part
its also the psychological part that contributes to your health
in case you didn't know
not only is blowing your top off constantly bad for you
its bad for the environment too
like there isn't enough noise pollution in this world
let alone singapore
and you just have to add to it
you not just add to it
but you add to it at the wrong time of the day
screaming and shouting at night??
like hello you think people can't hear you???
it practically echoes throughout the entire level and neighbourhood!
spare a thought for those poor souls who wanna kick back and unwind after a long day's work
in peace by the way
they want to relax quietly
no need for your ear-grating noise
so there you go
another reason to stop screaming and shouting
you'll wake the silence of the night
and you tell me you're learning to control your temper
if you're learning anger management
i must be the master of it
venting your anger out at your kids is so not the way about it
i knew it at 12
or younger please
have you thought that you might psychologically scar the kids?
nah doubt so
im living proof and thats not even enough for you
even after the chiding you got
you say i don't listen to good advice and chidings
guess i know now where i got that from
and stop whacking the kids too
it won't work when you whack someone for making mistakes in their homework
it doesn't help
it may help to make the person focus
but if the person really doesn't know then what's the point in punishment?
punishing someone for not knowing something or not being able to understand something
is so pointless
you might as well go scold and punish all the idiots you think are out there in the world
just because they're not as smart as you expect them to be
stop asking for pity please
don't make yourself seem so pitiful
its weird
gather yourself up and do some reflection
stop balancing yourself on 2 sides of a balance
its not working
a psycho non-stop screamer on one side
a crying wallower on the other
its just too weird
so stop it
and stop 'projecting your voice' all over the house
its not all that wonderful to hear you know
and neither is it good for your health
for for the sake of the family, the neighbourhood, your health and yourself
quit the screaming/yelling/shouting/voice-raising/noise-making

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