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graduation continued again
Sunday, October 22, 200610:18 AM

this is the final pic that i took on graduation (well there's more but due to censorship... hahax sorry i aint gonna post them man! 4e1 peeps ask them from me if they want =])

ms tambunan and me (i miss her already)

okay so both of us may look really weird in this pic, but somehow this pic holds quite a lot of significance to me.

when she first came in, we were astounded by 2 things about her: her size (not trying to be mean here but yeah...), and her fluency in the english language. she came across as a very eccentric person to me. but overtime this aspect of her actually repelled me from her, cos i couldn't get onto the same wavelength as hers. i couldn't understand the reasons behind her doing certain actions, such as getting worked up over us not greeting her ''good morning'' properly with the right enthusiasm and attitude.

but soon i began to understand her eclectic wisdom. she is actually in fact, a person full of wisdom and values, morals and righteous beliefs. she overflows with interesting experiences and knowledge, ready to share it with us. she's a very caring teacher, who cares more than just the academic side of us. to her, the character-building that happens in school is more important. and i respect and agree with that. rather than how much time we spend studying, she is more concerned with our health and well-being. this is what i really call a teacher, an educator, a human.

she has touched my life, giving me better advice than what my parents could've possibly given. she has given me enough concern that i would've demanded or expected from a teacher. for this i give her my utmost respect. she has shared with me (us) her morals, values and beliefs that are right and supported in all ways. for this she has gained my admiration. she has given me a well-rounded education, of my academic, spiritual, psychological being. for this i look to her as my mentor. she has opened my eyes and perspective, teaching me to look at things at various planes of thinking. for this i give her my praise. for everything she's done, i want to thank her =]

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