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aiya im bored la
Wednesday, September 17, 200810:10 PM

and when im hella bored, i talk about only one thing (okay mainly one thing):


haha yes. lately i've been going crazy over them, dont ask why. maybe it's because...

my hair has hardly grown since i came to Canada???

oei not funny lar. im serious. i think it's grown only... 3cm at the most. in 2months. which is kinda slow for my hair. in Singapore, i could have a chin-length bob at the start of january, and have hair that's halfway down my back by december. eh that's fast okay. that's like um... 20+cm (give and take) in 12months. pretty fast lor if u ask me. let's do some math now. let's make that 20+ a nice number, say 24. so 24cm divided by 12months...

2CM IN 3MONTHS. do i see a discrepancy in the numbers here? i bet you do too.

well, my biology classmates came up with a logical explanation, and yeah it does make a whole lot of sense. the theory: it's crap dry in Canada, which affects the growth of hair. and thus affecting the speed/rate of growth! tadah!!! yeah doesn't it make sense? in Singapore it was so freakin hot and humid, so everything was perfectly okay. but here it's the other way round, so my hair would be taking quite some time to adapt to the environment. yay i have an explanation now, so i can stop cursing and being pissed at my short hair :D

the problem solver? EXTENSIONS. like duh, double duh, triple duh. but in Canada it seems pretty expensive, and i have to go like those huge-ass malls to get them, which are so damned far for someone who doesn't have a license (don't laugh la... please..?).

so yesterday night i was browsing through some random shopblogs that are based in Singapore (where else yo?), and i came across one that fulfilled my heart's desires. go go, go have a look. and many of the things there are cheap too. note that i say cheap, not affordable. affordable means that (in my lingo) it fits exactly into your budget/estimation of how much something seems to cost. cheap means it's well, cheaper than what you budgeted/estimated.

and and this shopblog sells hair extensions too! YAY. huge-ass clip on ones that are really long too (45cm long for straight hair, and 12cm across). i immediately begged my hubby to buy them for me, since it's based in Singapore. haha he agreed! wonder if he's filled out the order form yet...

see? so easy to put on!!! :D

omg it's so freakin longg!!! *drools*

anyways im hoping to get them soon, cos i really cant stand having hair that hasn't grown :[ i know, sounds like a wig eh? :[[ booooo... yaya i know, mean of me to make my hubby pay for something for me right? i will transfer money to him la (once i get the hang of it :x). but how to i transfer money from a canadian account to a singaporean account arh..? tsk tsk it's so annoying when there are so many different currencies and stuff, and you have to constantly watch out for the exchange rates and stuff.

okay back to the hair extensions. no. to be honest, i doubt 2 extensions that measure 12cm across is enough for me. i want like, LOTS AND LOTS of extensions! haha like how Wendy Cheng had a hundred! i want those cool coloured ones... maybe something like... unltramarine and deep purple! whoots! way cool yo! haha scare the heck outta my parents :p damn i know im hella mean eh :D

tsk but they're only available at those huge huge malls that are so far far away (do i sound like a character from shrek..?) . so coloured extensions will have to wait for the time being. but the hard part is getting those that arent overpriced. many things here (apologies to any patriotic Canadian!) are really quite overpriced, in all honesty. but i guess the one good thing is that there are lots of dollarstores here to make up for that. but still! they dont sell hair extensions there :[ ya la, i wish la, hair extensions so cheap :x but what i meant are those kinds of extensions made of tiny bunches of long long hairs and dyed/higlighted to the wackiest of col0urs :D if i can find them at low prices, i'll buy like, um, 10 of them? :D i might even buy a pink one just for the fun of it.

(to those who dont already know, pink is my MOST HATED COLOUR.)

wait! what is this...? -->click me<--

why do the extensions on this website look so hella cool? oh wait let me show you...

cool huh? swarovski crystals leh. dont play play with me here.

that's boring you say? only bling bling but no colour?

bling it on, yo. real human hair, with swarovski crystals. now that's real ice :D

now this is what im talking about! whee!~

and um.... this is not. are you ready?
sure you're ready?


this on the other hand, looks a little scary to me. in fact, i got shocked when i first saw this picture haha!

but unfortunately i cant seem to be able to buy the products from the website just like that. you need to call them or something, which i am kinda lazy to do cos they're located in HOLLAND. sighs... back to the natural brown extensions from Singapore and hunting for coloured ones here. SIANNED -__-"

hubby you'd better be reading this arh *hint hint wink wink* okays so enough with the whole hairy talk, later those who are reading this become hair extension phobic or something HAHA :x does this sound like an advertorial? well, this isnt really, but im just promoting hair extensions! whee~ get them today people, and discover the wonders of having a head-turning crowning glory without having to damage it through dyeing/highlighting/bleaching :D mwahahahaha...

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