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i can. and I WILL.
Tuesday, September 23, 200811:16 AM

no, no no no. im not throwing a temper tantrum la, or swearing vengeance on someone. im just determined to have world domination!!! MWAHAHAHAHA *insert maniacal evil grin and hand rubbing here*

heehee, now that i've got my poison from the library, i shall use these to my advantage to take over the whole world via......

the internet. or more specifically, my blog.

yes, my blog. the one that you're reading now. OEI dont click the tiny x on the top right hand corner of your screen yet!!! i shall explain, okay?

okay so i've been going on and on about how i wanna make money out of my blog simply because:
1) i love blogging, even if some people may view it as not.
2) im a student, a graduating one whose parents are jobless.
4) who wouldnt like to be rewarded for their blogging efforts right?
5) i get total bragging rights. picture this:

friend: "damn i didnt get to do that chemistry homework yesterday! i had to go to work right after school ended till like, 10pm. fucking shit..."
me: "oh man that sucks... well i managed to do my homework AND make money yesterday. i love my job!"
friend: "huh? do homework AND get paid? how the hell did you do that? people actually PAY you for doing homework???"
me: "hell i wish. but no. im a blogger, and i get paid for posting up entries on how much my homework sucks and how lucky i am to get paid for doing so."
friend: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

HAHAHAHA. im evil, yes? heehee... but what i mentioned, the reasons for wanting to earn from my blog, are placed in order of importance. HAH im not all about bragging rights la! that would be pretty silly, wouldnt it? lao niang not so hao lian okay :D

oh wait wait, i should show you my weapons of mass destruction that i borrowed. quit panicking, it's only a term!!!

cool huh? eh im not a dummy la... but i thought it would help me :D it's always good to go back to basics right?

much as i hate pink., but this book seems really useful. it covers everything, from how to do up your template, ideas on what you can blog, feeds... stuff like that! and it's for GIRLS ONLY . if i see a guy prancing around with this book in his hands, i will DIE FROM HARDCORE LAUGHTER. and this book is in total girlie language (eg. Templates: The Slipdresses of Blogs), so those girls out there who get bored easily by over-the-top professional language (eg. ME.), this is one book for you! even though i have no idea what moxie is... perhaps it's like girlie power or something (not to be confused with feminism!).

haha this one is mostly for myself, to help me feel less of a loser. why am i a loser, you ask? okay let me break it down for you: i have photoshop, BUT HAVE NO CLUE AS TO HOW TO USE IT. the only things i know how to use are the spot healing tool (for my zits. ARGH), the pucker tool (to make me look skinnier), the bloat tool (in case i do something wrong with the shrink tool, and to make my eyes look bigger when necessary) and the effects (to distract you guys from my realm of ugliness). yaya, revelation for you guys. "OMG SHE'S A PHOTOSHOPPED BARBIE BITCH!!! ISNT THERE ANYTHING ON THE INTERNET THAT IS REAL ANYMORE???"

CHILL. please.
thankyou :D

oei ugly girls dont have much of choice la. we either post our pictures up, completely unedited, and end up disgusting you guys so much that we develop some sort of repulsion force from ourselves. (haha chem nerd!!!)

or, we can do some minor edits (no airbrushing very good liao hor), look presentable and decent, and you guys dont get repulsed from us cos there's no repulsion force! whee~ obviously the latter is my preference.

you can argue that you're not superficial and stuff, but this is targeted at the general audience, and admit it, it's in our human nature to be attracted to something that's pleasing to the eye instantly, rather than something that's not. right right right? :p i see you nodding your head there :p oei stop shaking your head! i can see that your fingers are crossed behind your back okay! JERLYNE JAE IS WATCHING YOU... (Big Brother, anyone? or George Orwell? haha english freak!)

okay back to topic, the awesome books i borrowed from the library!

so awesome la, the photoshop book comes with full-coloured pictures and examples, so you can see the before and after effects clearly :D

hmmm what else shall i do with these books..? oh yes, my favourite past time...

CAMWHORE!!! who says you cant camwhore with books huh?

im a nerdy nerd nerd!

moxehh sounds so sexehh :D

the dummy is in the house! not that crash-test dummy -__-"

photoshopped to make it less revolting for you guys :)

yeah this is the photoshop book! :D

oh and yes, these pictures were photoshopped as well, since we’re on the topic of blogs and photo editing stuff :D aiya not much difference from the original pictures really, because my photoshop skills are noob beyond noob. (you don’t know what noob means? Yay you’re noob beyond noob beyond noob!! :D) I will only post my unedited pictures here when im too lazy to edit them because it is pretty time consuming (for a noob like me :[), and when a post needs to be put up urgently (according to me!). and even if that happens, who knows? I might edit those pictures and post them right back up again, if I have the time and nothing better to do.

anyways, I’ve been approved for the whole google adsense thing, which is great! But the next problem is: HOW THE HECK DO I GET MY ADS INTO THE CORRECT SLOT ON MY BLOG??? So I have ads on my blog now, but my blog’s primary purpose is well, a blog la! So if the ads are screwing up my blog, I’d rather take them down. I’ve been trying to place the adbox on the right side of my blog, so that everything will look more balanced and spaced out. But unfortunately, IT’S NOT COOPERATING. Either that or it’s because I don’t know how to make it cooperate with me haha!

And it’s frustrating cos I like the border of the adbox that I chose on google, which has cute rounded corners instead of those ugly standard corners you see all over the net, so boring. You don’t see those very often, do you? But for some reason when I do up the adbox on blogger, I get the fugly 90degree pointed corners!!! ARGH.


Partly why I suck so bad at this is because im new to the whole thing, so im not sure how to apply the stuff from google to blogger AND GET WHAT I WANT. Secondly is because im not very familiar with html codes. Yaya, how to blog without knowing codes right? Well I know basic codes, but not enough to do up blogskins, pictures and ads. Blehhhh it’d be nice if anyone could give me some tips and stuff. I’ve tried looking through the forums on google, and it actually confuses me more. How to help me when im such a failure right? Forum discussions also cannot understand, cham liao :[

So help and tips would be greatly appreciated, because my income depends on it :[ and my family’s :[[ if I can find book that’s something like “Google Adsense for DUMMIES”, damn, I would so get it! Like that! *snaps* or blog advertising or whatever. Somewhere along that line.

Whatever it is, I will become world dominator over all. I’ll see to it that I will :D ambitious? Better than having no ambitions/aspirations. Unrealistic? Well what you perceive as unrealistic may be realistic to me, you never know (postmodernism!). too day dreamy-ish in some way? Well, I am a Piscean, so therefore im allowed to day dream :D

watch this space :D

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