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Wednesday, October 15, 20086:05 PM

whoohoo! tonight's the night of the 3rd and last US presidential debate! mustwatch mustwatch... hopefully there won't be too many screw ups this time... ("That One", anybody?)

anyways... i've been so tired recently! must be the period pfft... during my spare today i went to the library to finish up some chem homework, read the book i borrowed (The Big Love by Sarah Dunn), and napped cos i was so freakin' tired. it was around 11.30am when i fell asleep, and guess when i woke up? 12.15pm! 15mins late for lunch! zzzomg i packed my stuff and just rushed out cos i had this feeling Lawrence was probably at his locker all loner-ish and wondering where his lunch buddies were (haha). and i was right! i rushed there and he was like "what the..?!?!?!" and when i explained to him why i was late he went "oh my god..." with that ever-so-exasperated look on his face. well it's not like i do this all the time right? damn i should set an alarm or something -___-" but then again, if i do, i'll probably get kicked out of the library for disturbing public peace which will leave me sleeping in the streets :[

oh oh and im really pumped for school tomorrow!! why? cos my biology teacher aint coming! :DDD yayyayyay!!! why? cos there's this science club (or whatever they call it), and they're having some science olympics thing over at McMaster's University, and yes, she's involved. to add to it, it's a whole day affair! duh, McMaster's is like at Hamilton, which is um... almost a 3-hour drive away? hahaha... the first time ever that she's away! *twirls and dances to crazy happy disco music*

so for the first half of my day tomorrow, it's like, crap. haha. no teacher for first, and spare for second. i am happy :D

yeah yeah im such a slacker. shut up :]



okay so i just finished watching the 3rd and final US presidential debate, and i must say both candidates weren't too bad.

Senator McCain was aggressive in making his points, he didnt dwell too much on the past like he did in the 2nd, and his answers were more straight to the point, whereas he was kind of beating around the bush in the 2nd.

Senator Obama was very eloquent as usual, kept his cool extremely well, emphasized on important things such as healthcare and education, and (from my point of view) was far more detailed in describing his plan.

but what i didnt like, to the breaking point of irritation, was that Senator McCain continually interrupted when Senator Obama was answeing and explaining. the first few times was okay, but as it went on, it got really annoying for me. he could've waited, listened, and from there build up a stronger rebuttal of some sort. but nooooooo. he kept butting in. at least let the undecided people have some chance to hear what Senator Obama has to say. and give those who are voting for you more reason to vote for you. isnt it? besides, cutting into people's conversations is really unprofessional. tsk.

and Senator Obama was surprisingly not on the offense today. i think the 2nd debate was his better one, not today's. much as he was gracious throughout the whole debate, listening to Senator McCain cutting in and all, his answers still lacked a certain flair to it that those of the 2nd debate had. today's debate was pretty flat for him, i'd say. his rebuttals to what Senator McCain said were not as strong and solid and they could have been. bit of a waste of opportunity, in my opinion.

but what i found was interesting was that, in one question presented to them regarding why the country would be better off with each candidates' running mate, Senator Obama did not seize the opportunity to talk about/criticize Sarah Palin, even though he could have. Senator McCain of course, took the opportunity to speak what he felt about John Biden (obviously not very nice things la). all Senator Obama did was speak on the good points of his running mate John Biden and why the country should feel safe having him as vice-president. no lashing out at Senator McCain's running mate Sarah Palin, even though we all know that there's TONNES of things to say about her. (on a side note, i personally would not vote for a candidate embroiled in all sorts of controversies. what kind of impression does that leave on voters? we all know the media isnt 100% true, but there's always a little something that gets the whole thing going right?)

but all in all, im still rooting for Senator Obama. why? because. i can say so. haha nah! because i want to see a black president up there. all the presidents of America have all been white, since its very foundations. well i think it's time for some change, and Senator Obama fits the bill. plus, he seems more of a people's president than Senator McCain. he is more patient and has a pretty good tolerance level to boot. and and and...


Senator McCain is old la. no meh??? 72!!! (am i right?) later halfway through his term he dio something how??? *touchwood touchwood* (because we all know older people are more susceptible to illnesses and the lot right?) the country of America how you tell me? especially during this economic crisis that isnt expected to recover till next year. hmmm yeah another reason to root for Senator Obama haha!

oh well. i'll end off here. to the Americans, may you have wisdom when it comes to voting/election day :] me? imma watch the rush hour 3 dvd i borrowed from the school library, then go sleep :] yayyayyay for no biology teacher around! FOR ONCE!!!

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