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i am famous!
Thursday, October 30, 20089:34 PM

have you guys heard? more of seen? im fucking famous now. holy moley. what? you dont believe xiao niang? hmph, here's some proof for you!

yes im the new face of perfume shops in Italy.

on the billboards of a mall in Cebu. sighs. finally my time to shine :D

make music, not war. yes i am the new ambassador.

even chio models wanna read magazines with me on the front cover. a dream come true.

that's right girls. Victoria Beckham is promoting the tanned, sun-kissed look. you know what to do ;]

mama cat: "now kitty, you should make use of your youth to bribe our owner to giving you whatever you want. that's right, act cute! now learn it from this girl on the screen!"

"if only my daughter could be as emo as this girl in the picture..."

face it suckers. i OWN the U.S currency and market. and i will NOT make it any better unless my demands are met!

"im not drunk yet and she already looks pretty to me!"

okay yes you caught me there. i lied. i am not famous at all :[ i just used photofunia to get your attention. is that so wrong? is that a crime??? :'[ but im sharing my secret with you all leh, on how to get awesome photo effects, so dont keep calling me a liar and an attention-whore okay? (much as there is some truth in that) remember to resize your pictures before uploading them on photofunia!

Putin discussing which picture he should upload onto photofunia. with me looking on and poking fun at him :D

i love this the most. the guys are gawking at my most artistic photo, just like you are :D

so go now. or this cat will du lan you too. i'll just pout in complete upsetness :/

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