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Samhain (All Hallow's Even)
Friday, October 31, 20086:37 PM

i apologize for not blogging in SUCH A LONG while. been running low on creative juices lately as to what i should blog about. but well, im back! it's halloween today, so i hope everyone's had a good and interesting one thus far. i'd go party or whatever shit, but i have no idea where to. no trick or treating for me. besides, i have this phobia that someone might shoot me in the head instead of giving me candy.

"trick or treat!" *BANG*

holy crap. no thankyou. i have absolutely no intention of risking my life for a bag of candy. so here i am, watching So You Think You Can Dance Canada while waiting to give candy out to trick-or-treaters. but it's been really boring, cos so far only 1 kid came. but that lil boy was so cute! he was in some sort of bear costume of some sort (or was it elephant? i remember it was grey) and with his mummy, carrying one of those huge recyclable bags going "trick-or-treat!" so adorable i tell you. and he was probably only 2 years old! :D

so yeah, the family's out to some "Hallelujah party" in church, who knows doing what. i decided not to go cos i my friends arent there, and there's nothing for gr12s to do anyways. pfft. so now im waiting for the doorbell to ring and hand candies out to kids. i feel so alone! :'[

here are some pics of the candies! (and me. mostly me, and my day in school) :D prepare to get a treat for your eyes...

here kiddies... i've got lots of poison-i mean, candy, to give out~

lots to spare! (eh this pose sexy bo?)

these candies are not toxic! really!

chillin' in the library during our spare period. i know my outfit looks better than Ameer's. see Ameer? told you you should've dressed up as seaweed :p :D

introducing Ameer, the Chubby Vampire

trying to scare me. and failing. MISERABLY. i ended up laughing :D

Ameer the super freak with 2 pairs of ears :x isnt it funny how people get bits of their costume from the dollarstore?

Janany loved my outfit so much she was like "lemme take a picture of you!" so yup :D

camwhoring at locker. i look sad cos Janany doesnt wanna take a picture with me cos she didnt dress up. she said she looks like a hobo so i replied that she could just claim to be one inthe picture. but she refused in the end. Janany, you hurt me real deep :[

totally Harry Potter-ish man

yeah my chem teacher made this. told us it started out with him and his wife trying to make the Slytherin flame or who knows what from Harry Potter. it is so cool!~

i think there's copper and strontium inside, along with a whole lot of other metals. no, why would i bother to memorize everything?

think it was burning out in this picture. looks totally eerie.

haha i like Stuffy's cloth "hair extensions". she's dressed up as some anime character :] those hoops look very tempting...

turn behind Stuffy... please...? please Stuffy please? *tugs on hair extension thingie*

yay Stuffy turned around for the camera! :DD

Stuffy, you are a lousy photographer. thank goodness you're taking it next semester! :p

haha some grade 12 guy who came in a banana suit. he burst into our chem class and we made him do the banana dance!

random chamwhoring in chem class cos noone really gave a shit :D

Mr Robertson was some kinda 70's rockstar person (i think. or it could have just been the dressing :]) damn shuai la! i couldnt even recognize him! :x

she secretly wants to punch me, i know :x

Amila and her awesome $2 moving eyebrows and moustache! gotta love it :D

more camwhoring in class with Sab

stop drawing on my stuff la, Stuffy... please..? (pun not intended)

Kay was shocked by something, i forgot what. was it about her camera getting scratched of some sort?

i have no idea what she's supposed to be, but the skull necklace reminds me of a shaman-thing haha~

when fairytale meets street culture

haha i know this is completely random, but i find it too cute to NOT post up! it's a fuzzy caterpillar! never seen one of these in Singapore before! and it looks kinda halloween-ish with its black and brown segments :D

Janany screamed and flipped when i pointed this lil fella out to her. i stopped to take pictures of it and play with it, and she kept telling me not to (cos she's crap scared of them). i patted and stroked it with my pinkie anyways :D

star-spangled :D

my face is blinged so prettily! (okay it was a crystal sticker from Michael's) damn nice right??

harajuku girl trying to act cute = this o.O

my lipstick/gloss looks weird here. and so does my nose. oh well, love the makeup. dont you? :D

i used a lip liner for the bottom lid by the way. it's clean okay, i havent used it before on my lips!!!

that's Mr Skully, whom i took out from my necklace and pinned onto the hem on my skirt. yes i know it's hell cool :D

i know this picture is really really badly taken, but it's hard to take pictures of stuff on your legs can only look nice when you're standing! that's my spider on its web, also taken from a necklace of mine and pinned onto my fishnets :D totally hot

im a harajuku girl, in case ya'll still dont know. but Janany thinks i look more like some Edward Scissorhands character. oh well, as long as i look creepy :D

my voodoo doll needs a name. any suggestions?

i love my purple hair in this picture! too bad it only looks nice under bright light :[ and i hope the colour doesnt run out too soon... :x

so there's my halloween for you. pretty boring, i know. stop reminding me la... im already damn sad as it is. watching Ghost Hunters now, just to keep myself occupied. it's funny to watch how some people go to haunted places, demands the spirits there to do something for them, and when that happens, they get scared shitless. pfft. asking for trouble, that's what it is. and so far no other kid has come by. BORING.

p.s: you ask what Samhain is? and what All Hallow's Even is? well lemme explain. Halloween has origins stemming from the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. it was believed that on October 31, the boundary between the living and the dead would dissolve, and the dead would cause problems for the living. so the people would dress up in costumes and masks to scare off the evil spirits and to sort of mimic them. they had bonfires too, but unfortunately we cant do it here. if you're interested to know more, read it from here.

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