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very pleasantly surprised...
Saturday, October 04, 200811:13 PM

so... anyways, i mentioned in a previous post of mine that i joined nuffnang.com, an online community for bloggers, by bloggers. and the best part is they help you earn from your blog! i won't make this sound like an advertorial, so if you're interested, check it out yourself! BUT. if you have any intention of joining, do keep in mind that it's only available in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

'but you are in Canada! why/how the heck you join?' you ask me.

because. i am able to provide a name of a local payee and the address of that payee (boyfriend la haha!). so unless you can do the same thing as i did (and know that the person is fully trustworthy) go ahead and sign up! oh and i haven't made money from nuffnang la, cos my readership not high enough :[ sad eh?

okay back to topic. nuffnang helps me track my daily stats, such as how many people have visited my blog today, where are they from, keywords from searches, and who referred me. obviously daily ones are pretty sucky so i shall not mention them. pui.

but on checking my weekly stats, i was quite surprised. well in a very nice way la.

for this week, these are my stats of which countries my readers originate from:
Singapore - 55.2%
Canada - 35.8%
United States - 6%
Malaysia - 1.5%
Australia - 1.5%

i damn happy can??? people in Malaysia and the States visit my blog??? song boh?! i can account for Singapore, Canada and Australia, cos i have friends and cousins in these countries. but Malaysia and the United States? wa happy like siao... *dances around room throwing penguin collection in air to "My Heart Will Go On"*

yes i am THAT happy. doesny matter what song is in the background, i'll dance to it! but no, i WILL NOT. i repeat. WILL NOT make a video of me dancing and put it up here, it's too horrifying. later scare all of you away then jialat.

but i just wanna say thankyou to those who visit, be it on a regular basis or not. a new post is coming up, but it's taking so long cos it's pretty research-based! (ya it's on health)


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