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good genes do not run in the family
Saturday, November 15, 20083:21 PM

no seriously. there are some good genes in the family flying around, i've realised. but i never got any of them!!! seriously! people think my mum's mongolian/malay mixed blood/ whatever they think she is, and occasional japanese tourists think my dad's japanese. wth. and me? pui. look like some ugly crap. why??? someone please tell me whyyyyyyy......

well i did inherit the sucky stuff from my parents, like my mother's sinus problems and my dad's eczematic skin. tamade why why why... but whatever, enough rant from ugly me. this entry is on the pretty gorgeous relatives who got the better genes in the family :[

an aunt/cousin of mine (i know how she's related to me la, but it's so complicated!!!), is drop dead gorgeous. seriously. what's my definition of drop dead gorgeous?

a drop dead gorgeous person (since im a girl, i'll talk in reference about girls in general) is a person who looks good at any time of the day, at any angle, with any expression on their face. in candid shots, with or without makeup, with their hair up or down.

those kind of people who just can photographed the whole damn day without professional makeup artists and people to adjust the lighting for them, and every single shot will still turn out good. taking pictures for them means stay still and click.

for other people (eg. me) it's put on makeup, fix hair, get the proper lighting, face must be at the correct angle, eyes must be widened enough, cannot smile too widely, fringe must cover a slight bit of the face, head cannot tilt too much, blah blah... you get the idea.

cut the chatter, and let me show you what my definition of gorgeous is. you may agree with me or not, but hey, it's my blog! :p and no, i will not intro her to you even if you begged.

how many of us can do this? how many???

sorry for the blurry, but as you can see it doesnt affect her gorgeousness

candid shot of my cousin/aunt laughing. again, how many of us can pull this off?

so sweet isnt she? and i can guarantee that she doesnt photoshop her pictures and put on like hundreds of layers of makeup. what you're looking at is 100% natural prettiness!

and im certain that she's not the kind who goes "ehhh this shot sucks! take again!" and keeps retaking pics till she's satisfied. and she's definitely not the kind, who when is about to get her photo taken, goes "hey wait wait! lemme arrange my hair and makeup first!'' and starts asking people if her head is tilted a nice angle. nope, she's not the kind (unlike me :[)

and now, i have another pretty cousin from australia nia. i used to think she was average looking, but after seeing these pictures, i have so changed my mind.

these pictures were taken by her friend who needed more photos added into his portfolio, and he asked if she could model for him! tadah~


she's wearing a tube la, not naked!

pretty isnt she? not photoshopped either!

okay so maybe her eyes are super tiny in this shot, but still! :]

you can view all the pictures from that photoshoot here.

and me, the runt of the family? (actually, it's the ugly of the family.) much as i camwhore a lot, hardly any shots come out nice, even after photoshopping. why? cos im that freaking ugly nia. the only thing that can probably save me is cosmetic surgery, but then again i dont wanna be a michael jackson #2 :x yeah im ugly and stubborn. wow what a combination.

so yeah after going through all the pictures i've camwhored of myself, this is the hottest/prettiest/whateverest picture i can find. and it still looks awful, even after photoshopping.

you ready for it?



















SHUT UP! DONT SAY IT! i know i look like a tranny lar... kns.


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