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weed it out
Tuesday, December 02, 20089:07 PM

omg omg omg i've been like talking about weed 24/7 recently. Janany and Lawrence can attest to that. esp Lawrence. poor guy. i think he's uber traumatized by me now.

3am in this morning. i was trying to do my bio homework while in the phone with Lawrence with a friggin headache. apparently the question i was trying to work on had to do with nicotine. here's what i asked him:

"why dont people make like, perfume and/or cologne out of weed..?"


laughter from Lawrence goes on for 10minutes. i sit there and wonder what the hell is so funny.

3+am in the same morning, and still on the phone. i got really hungry and could feel the gastric juices churning in my tummy, so i opened a bag of ruffles to eat. halfway while eating, i stopped and stared at the remaining chips in the bag.

"um hmmm...?"
"why dont people make weed flavoured chips? or opium flavoured ones..?"


laughter from Lawrence again, but this time he went "JERLYNE!!! STOP THINKING ABOUT WEED!!!'' :[ and i retorted "but what's so wrong about thinking about weed? and these are pretty good questions too!"

next day in school, i couldnt stop linking everything back to weed. from random people walking down the hallway, right to the name of our school, everything had some connection to weed. all thanks to moi :x (name of school -> Richmond Green. colour of weed -> green. so my high school is a school of stoners and drug dealers! which is probably partially true to some extent -___-)

omg i have so many many awesome ideas now, and yes, all weed-related one way or another. like during english class, i was staring blankly at my table (it was like self-study during that period) and this totally brill idea came to mind. i should make a soap line, all weed fragranced! like like weed-scented shampoo and conditioner, weed-scented body soap and/or bubble bath, weed-scented facial wash, weed-scented body lotion... maybe even weed-scented towels to go with all of the above as a gift pack! and i could come up with an opium-scented version of the same stuff too! and weed-scented candles, air fresheners, body deodorants, perfumes/colognes, pens, erasers, markers, stuffed toys... oh the many things that i could make weed-scented! (or opium-scented, as another variation)

and it totally didnt help when the substitute teacher who came in during english was dressed in green from head to toe. no kidding. she was green ALL OVER. from her shirt to her jacket to her pants and socks and shoes, right down to her earrings and rings O.O imagine Lawrence's agony :x i kept telling Lawrence that the teacher had a packet of weed in one of the internal pockets of her jacket, and that she probably would hide her nose with her jacket and take a sniff of the weed in there :D yeah yeah im crazy/evil/creative. whatever! you know ya'll love my ideas :D

oh oh and if you see products anywhere that has weed in it (hemp, as they always print on labels), they probably took my idea. but most of those products dont actually smell like weed, so that busines is still open for me :D anyone wanna help me out in this venture? we can split profits and stuff :D

Lawrence Chu, see what you've done to me! everything i talk about links back to either weed/crack/xtc/some other random drug that you talk about :x


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