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we got a lil high... *grins*
Tuesday, May 30, 20065:58 AM

lols i actually wanted to skip class today but after what happened today, i doubt i'd want to =] hahax i was like suffering thru math n chem lessons cos i was super tired n sleepy n feeling kinda feverish n cold with a dumb sore throat n to top it off my stupid sinus was running... wut tha crap la seriously... but when drey, cs, sam, tina n me went for lunch i felt a ton better cos everything was kinda funny n i guess the saying that laughter is the best medicine is true after all bahahaha =]

everything got seriously funny after everyone had a taste of the mocha i bought cos we suddenly started doing weird stuff... caffeine high like hammie i guess whoo~ like the sudden impulse to take 2 neoprints at one go (poor cs u got dragged along too huh =])... then later we all went to cold storage cos drey wanted to get chickpea flour for her f&n, n when she walked off to find the flour, all of us went into hiding at the fruits n veggies section... it was so funny cos she didn't find out till later lols... n since hiding was pretty boring, tina n i went insane over taking pics with bananas n veggies lols =]

i think chickpea flour's kinda hard to find cos we couldn't find it in cold storage so we headed over to the fairprice at civic's to look for it... more insanity there.
ok mainly tina n me la lols =] we used bunches of mini dumplings as earrings, she did an advertisement for some weird bottled thing (that was a good ad by the way lols) n posed in this weird pose beside a life-size poster of this guy n other weird stuff while drey n cs looked for the flour... hey tina n i are both art students so we know no chickpeanuts about this stuff lols =] in fact we were actually thinking of going all the way down to little india if drey needed it that badly... well a lil more reason to go berserk n run amok in the streets n take more siaoster photos =] but nah that didn't happen...

oh yeahs drey if u're reading this..: i want the NEOPRINTS bahahahahahas!!!!!! <3!!!

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