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Wednesday, October 11, 20066:04 AM

zzz today has been a fantastic day thus far. no make that a fantastic week -.-'' yeahs first i fell on monday and got bruises on my arm, calf n thigh. then i get bullied today by my dear godbro and his oh-so good friend. zzz wow how nice huh...

okay like today siulong, tina, siulong's other friend and me were at the art room and zhixiang the extravagantly extravagant extra joined us and well havoc pretty much wrecked from there. we blasted the radio, laughed ourselves sick, went crazy, jumped over tables and stuff. then suddenly zhixiang tried to gag and te me up with black duct tape first, then with toilet paper. i mean like for goodness sakes it was so random and scary can... and then he started arm wrestling and wrestling me (with the help of siulong too so nice yeahs)... then the 2 freaks wanted to paint my hair! and no way was i sticking around to let them do that... so i ran away!

hahax yeah i ran up down left right round and about... around tables, above them and nearly wanted to crawl under them... so while i was running out the back door from siulong i totally rammed into the door handle (partly his doing too)... so yeahs i got a stupid big bruise from that... he sorta gave up when i showed him my bruise hahax... i still didnt dare to go into the art room cos well who knows what those guys can come up with right? yeahs just as i was about to return to the art room, zhi xiang came out (probably with the intention to paint my hair) and stared at my bruise, and give me the look as though i was crying lols... he was like stoning and shocked and was like ''eh you okay or not? come come i don't ka chiao you liao... okay or not???''

and just when i went in, BOTH GUYS jumped on me, painting my hair like retarded barbarians... zzz even after i showed them my bruises to beg them to stop bullying me... zzz how nice of them... guess i won't be getting graduation day presents from them lols...

and the bruise is actually kinda funky... its so badly swollen it looks like i was working out my triceps or something lols... so now my left arm looks more muscular then my right hahax... and the colour's really cool too... the centre is red, then it spreads out to blue and purple! funky eh? i have half the rainbow with me on my puny lil arm =] hahax anyways because of this week, i have like 5 bruises on my left arm: one on the back of my hand, another on the side right and left side of my arm, one around my wrist area and another near my elbow hahax so wonderful eh... so for now people... I AM DELICATE! esp on my LEFT ARM! thankyou =]

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