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Saturday, October 21, 20062:27 AM

im really bored of studying not that i wanna slack at sucha crucial period but seriously if too much of a good thing is bad, how can too much of a bad thing (e.g. MUGGING) be any better right so yeahs here i am to blog... i was thinking of what to blog about and i just realised... i've yet to blog about one of the most significant days in my secondary school life... GRADUATION DAY. im such a doodoo head please...

anyways i won't be telling a long old great grandmother's story as i always do... this time i'll let the pictures do the story telling... as the saying goes "pictures say a thousand words." besides i think its more beautiful to use the images itself rather than use words to substitute them =]

ms lim gave use cute lil old-fashioned wooden pencils to use for our o level mcq questions cos she said its easier to shade the boxes with those wooden pencils... she even pasted the words ''use me for mqcs!'' on each pencil! so thoughtful huh? just before her lesson ended we screamed and shouted to take pics with her and our brand new pencils =]

paris hira the candy mama and me! heex i look spastic -.-''

yet another one of paris hira the candy mama and me... love her, love her candies =]

candid drey hahax =X

hi drey =]

silver/whitegold, diamond, gem

its open season for the vampires and vampire-wannabes

one in a million gem =]

gem and drey <3
hello =]

music and gem. part-time girlfriends -.-''

smile with us =]

we promote smiling and funkiness =]

sharity annabelle me

prom's cancelled. we're sad =[[

gem and whitegold

yw and me [the 2 shortiees]

rashminder imda aravin vishunu. look at that vishunu trying to act cool... and failing -.-''

weiqian don siulong zhixiang. look at that siulong. another one trying to act cool. i told him to move his head cos don was blocking it and he refused to move. see la the consequences of trying to act cool... and failing -.-''

(to be continued...)

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