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ha hahee ha
Sunday, November 05, 20065:54 AM

hahax okay today was like super funny... not to poke fun at those people who stand around and ask passer-bys to do surveys, but sometimes it just really is kinda amusing =]

so i was gonna go into this shop at woodlands station to buy some essential stationery like RULERS for tomorrow's all important MATH exam... just like 5metres away from the entrance of the shop, this survey guy comes up to me and asks me where im studying now. so i said "christchurch secondary". then he was like "sec 4? taking o's?" and i just nodded my head. then he was all like "tomorrow's math right?and you're still out here shopping? wha very confident ar?" i just freaked out and went like "NO! im gonna buy stationery for the exam tomorrow! i don't have a ruler!!!" the guy just laughed and let me off, wishing me all the best so nice of him =]

so i went into the shop and i was like totally disgusted. i mean they have like practically almost everything there, except for stinking PLASTIC RULERS!!! like hello they're such an essential in the modern world thankyou very much =] hope they get the memo... like okay fine they had metal rulers but they're so hard to use and are probably used best for whacking people on the head or something -.-''

so fine if i couldn't find stuff at that puny lil shop, then i'll most probably find it at popular ha~ as i was walking into causeway point, this other survey guy stationed at the entrance walked up to me and asked me the same old question "where are you studying at?" and my usual honest reply "christchurch secondary". the guy asked me if i was taking my o's and i said yeah, and he let me off with another "all the best for the o's"... guess they're not such bad people after all =] but you know what? if i flop my math and social studies papers... i'll know who to find HA HAHEE HA~

hahax i bought like 2 rulers from popular, a protractor and a cute pingu template to draw this cute cartoon penguin =] i have absolutely NO idea why on earth i bought the last one especially since it has absolutely NO RELATION to my math exam, but it was cute =] and it only costed me 50cents =]

so i was walking back to the bus interchange and (another) one of the survey guys came up to me (again)... he asked me in freaking chinese where i was studying and i told him "christchurch secondary" (again)... then he asked me something in chinese, and i thought he was asking whether i was taking my o's this year, but he wasn't. then he said something again, and this time i thought he was asking which class i was in, but again he wasn't. then he asked me (in chinese) if mr chow was still around and i said yup, and he gave me a totally shocked look lols... so turns out he was asking about the TEACHERS... hahax so that guy was a senior from christchurch! *shock horror mortification* he was kinda cute, a lil like a hong junyang lookalike, but too bad he speaks chinese (gosh like hong junyang too zzz lammmmee) sad sad...

hahax so i walked on and near the escalator down to the bus interchange, i pratically predicted that this other survey guy would approach me, and he did lols =] he asked me where i was studying at (again) and i gave him the same old answer that i've been giving his other pals: "christchurch secondary school". and this time i got a different reaction (finally!) "what? you mean you're not 18???" i just smiled and nodded, then walked off. can't remember if he wished me good luck for my o's too ha hahee ha =] but oh well aint it amusing? i didn't know formal wear makes you look older ha~

anyways gotta get going now... gotta revise for mad math and sucky social studies... zzz i wish ss wasn't created =[[ really i do =[[

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