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Tuesday, August 12, 20087:33 PM

argh i wanna go back to singapore, like NOW. PLEASE? i really mean it. NOW

living in canada is just so-so, but it's so hard adjusting. in singapore there were the mrts, super convenient buses, taxis (haha hella expensive but a must in times of emergencies)... nice and easy transportation like that you know? but here it's terrible. it's like um... no car, NO LIFE. wow. what kind of civilisation am i living in? for a first-world country this is pretty backward leh... sighs i used to go mall-hopping almost everyday after school, cos it was so convenient. Causeway Point was just like what, a 3min bus ride away. and if we got sick of it, there were other malls a short train-ride ahead. but here it's like NO LIFE. there is public transportation here of course. there's the YRT (york region transit) buses (who knows how far they go and how frequent they are), and the taxis, which i rarely ever see except when they're parked on the driver's driveway -.-''

please my singaporean friends reading this, dont snigger at my fate. this is truly a pain in the arse for me. i am suffering here. oh wait let's add to my current situation. I'VE BEEN SHARING THE SAME ROOM WITH MY FAMILY FOR A MONTH. officially. and, I CANNOT TAKE IT ANYMORE. im gonna go berserk soon. ugh and my siblings are not nice, grown, sensible ones. one's a 9year old monkey, and another's a 7year old pig. or rather piglet. imagine the amount of stupidity accumulated in the room. i fear im getting influenced by them. (and even if im not, i still run the risk of it.) gosh my family. a cramped room. try and fathom all the burping, farting, snoring, drooling, crapping and arguing i have to put up with. this is starting to crack my fragile nervous system. i so cannot wait to move out of my uncle's place and into our own rented one, where privacy will finally be restored. TO ME! and to the rest of my family as well. they can keep their burping, farting, drooling, snoring and whatnot to themselves, im very well off without it, thankyou very much.

and because there's not transportation for me to access, i haven't been going out much, and have been hella bored cooped up watching movies on my lappie. (well we do go for walks in the park and stuff, but then again i want time on my own away from them, so i dont go). and i tend to look for food when im bored (thats my natural wiring pfft). and all this, is making me fat. i mean im really proud that i can fit into kiddie clothes yo. it's WAY cheaper than teen clothes here. and no, i dont wear the leargest size for kid clothes, just the second largest. and im pretty intent on keeping it that way, cos it's not like im gonna get any taller anymore. so if i get fatter and i dont grow taller... yeah you know what that sums up to. and i REFUSE to become another fattie on the statistics board of ontario. so in a way, i cant wait till school starts. cos i have to walk there. everyday. bleh, but thats the norm here, so who am i to complain?

i guess im well prepared for the worst, to get dumped to grade11 instead of grade12, like i should be in. i really want to go to grade 12, cos i dont wanna waste one more year of my precious youth. but then again, my math sucks shit, and i owe them credits for grade11, so i guess im okay with that too. i'll just hope for the best (like i always do) and deal with the outcome (as i always always do).

i so need to find a job, on top of everything. having my parents around is crap WORSE than not having them around. it's like i cant breathe (expenditure-wise) with them in the same house as me. *dies* i mean, they dont even let me buy stuff from the dollar store! (eg gum) hello arh, you wanna live like a monk is it? then have fun collecting alms, i'll be here chewing on gum and downing juice, enjoying movies on my lappie while waiting for you to come back and tell me how it went.

SIAO. eh i know we're new here and stuff, and money is tight cos none of us have a job yet. but please la. scrimp until that stage? do you want me to go help you beg at the subway stations? sometimes i think my parents need to learn how to loosen up just a little, if they plan on fitting into the canadian society. tsk.

sometimes, i really really feel so desperate to go back to singapore. really i do. singapore seems hella nicer all of a sudden. oh did you know? they're so nationalistic here, for the broadcast of the olympics, all they do is zoom in on the candian and american teams, and then stop at that, to interview the families of the canadian and american athletes. HELLO. NO OTHER COUNTRIES PARTICIPATING ARH??? i love gymnastics. really. i get such a thrill everytime i watch gymnasts do their awesome stuff. so imagine how pissed i was when this happened. even my parents were hell pissed too. and every sports/news channel is the same! argh! no wonder a lot of the people i've met so far are narrow-minded about the world outside canada! i guess i cant blame them, with canada being the 2nd largest country in the world. but being closed to an age where everything is everywhere, that's not very smart. tsk oh well. welcome to canada =.=

sighs. on a lighter note, i've managed to take some pictures here, courtesy of my boredom :]

yeah i know, typical cheesy bend-and-fit-into-the-mirror-perfectly teenage girl picture. haah.

hmmm it seems friendly... right?

yup, it's friendly :] plus it has NO TEETH!

a very shy baby penguin i met.

and im not exaggerating shy. i think i named it Mumbly.

it was squawking "take me home!"

my slogan! :D

which hat suits me better, this:

or this one?

probably neither. plastic surgery is the best :]
oh did i mention? on top of everything, im missing my beloved baby, Joelhubby :[ i dont have any privacy to webcam with him, or cry because i miss him so so much, or take pics of myself to send to him. boohoo. talk about a complete heartbreak :'[

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