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thinking too much
Saturday, August 23, 20081:52 PM

was it wrong for me to ask you that? i think my reaons for asking you to consider that are pretty justified.

you are where you are now because of me: sleep-deprived, constantly missing someone, deprived of time to study, sleeping at odd hours of the night and waking up ridiculously early just so you can talk to me, limited to the computer to talk to me, etc.

is that what you truly want to do with your youth? become sleep-deprived, msn-addicted, just because of me? IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY WANT FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS?

i feel guilty, and responsible. how can i allow myself to interrupt with your well-being as a person? im supposed to make sure that i give you the best i can in this replationship, and all you get is the above mentioned??? plus my temper tantrums??????? it's too much, i already feel overwhelmed typing this down, how on earth is it for you?

i feel bad for putting you in this situation, when you could be doing so much more rather than all that i listed above. dont get me wrong when i asked u to consider that idea; i was honestly thinking of your well-being. and people have this tendency to either underestimate or overestimate their current well-being, it's never accurate.

im speaking very honestly and earnestly when i tell you it's not your fault at all, i just really feel that i am pulling you down when you could be making a lot more progress. i dont want you to plunge into depression too; it's hard to imagine 2 people getting together as a couple. well for me la, cos my imagination is so limited :x

i know you dont want to, but maybe keep this as a consideration at the sidelines. you can say that it's the anger or depression talking, but they're a part of me, so it's me speaking. and im not doing this for self-justification, but more of a reasoning to get you somewhere much better.

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