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happy (turkeyless) thanksgiving!
Monday, October 13, 200812:18 PM

its REALLY late to say this, but happy thanksgiving everyone! and stop eating turkeys for thanksgiving la... very nice to eat meh..? i find the taste of turkey meat very unusual, and i dont mean unusual like nice/exotic unusual. i mean like damn weird/not nice unusual. seriously. i remember having my first try of it last year, during thanksgiving too. i took quite a lot of it (cos the damn gravy smelled so deceivingly good), and bam! that was one of the worst dishes that dinner :/

turkey has this weird chemical-ish aftertaste to me, like how mutton does. (mutton curry eaters might be able to relate!) and not sian meh? every thanksgiving eat turkey... i would get kinda bored of it!

besides, can you really bear to eat something that used to look like this when it was younger?

betcha cant now, after seeing these :D btw, pictures are from cuteoverload.com. TOO AH-DORA-BUHLS! :D oh no now im speaking C.O language too :x

sooo anyways, interesting thanksgiving i've had so far. no turkey, no meeting up with parents' university friends, no (weird) church parties... blah blah. but, i've had other things this thanksgiving.

went to the Falls on saturday (yes Niagara Falls, you), broke up with boyfriend, 24 hours later we got back together again, kissed a girl in church, watched (Jackie Chan) movies every night, got hooked on cuteoverload.com, got my period (oh gosh), tried putting on a tampon (for the 4th time) and succeeding (yay!)... aiyoh so many things... so lets just go by the order i typed.

after like 2months+ of begging and pleading and hinting to my parents, we finally went to Niagara. like finally! happy dee doo :] how can one live in Canada and not go see what it's famous for, right? unfortunately we didnt get do and see and much as we hoped cos my parents bought like package tours -___-" so we had to go to those 4 tourist hot spots or else it'd be a waste of money blehhhhh. so constrained i tell you. it fet more like we were doing the amazing race rather than going on a tour :/ but all the same, Niagara didnt fail to stun and wow. pictures will be coming up soon in another entry. and i am so amazed that my camera is still functioning okay after getting continually sprayed by the mists from the Falls! *pats the faithful camera* oooh oooh and i bought a First Nation necklace from there too (well from a souvenir shop la okay?)

my parents kinda think im crazy cos im so obsessed about First Nation things. there's something so stirring about them, something that draws me to it. African cultures, Australian aboriginals, South American tribes... yeah you name them, and i'll tell you i've heard of them before and i have some interest in them. sometimes i actually wished that part of my heritage was First Nation. yes yes i am AWARE that im weird, thankyou very much. anyways the necklace i bought was one with a turtle pendant. for one, i like turtles *squeals* and for another, it's interesting what the turtle meant to the First Nation peoples.

The Turtle:

The Turtle symbolizes Mother Earth. Many North American Indians call the continent of North America, Turtle Island. Once there was only water and no place for people and animals to live. Tradition says Mother Earth was created on the back of the Turtle. The Turtle made a great sacrifice and let everyone come and live on her back. Turtle medicine conveys the ability to live life and conduct yourself in a protected and safe way. If a Turtle has come to you it may be saying that you need to protect yourself from people and events that seek to throw you off balance and make you vulnerable. Because of the Turtle's slow inert movement, the Turtle also symbolizes patience and intelligence. Take your time, be patient and make wise decisions.

cool or not? yes yes? i see fellow turtle lovers nodding their heads in profuse agreement :D and speaking of wise decisions, i think i made a pretty dumb one on saturday.

yes my boyfriend and i broke up for like 24hours. im not going to go through the sequence of events that led to the breaking point (haha), but the 24hours of singlehood was actually really painful. i was actually hoping that neither of us meant it, because i've always relied on him heavily, and breaking up would've well, driven me crazy had it been permanent. i talked to 2 guy friends, who helped try to cheer me up (you know who you are). later i talked with boyfriend and we both realized we/i didnt mean it at all. it was just mentioned out of anger and frustration. we're both taking some time out, giving each other a week off (no calls & text messages), and after that things will go back to the regular mushy-mushy stuff :] whew so glad it's all worked out! i was kinda worried that he would kill my babies (baby terrapins that i left in his care) out of spite, even though im sure he's not that kind of guy :x

ummm yeah i kissed a girl, namely Melody Chang. and guess where the dirty deed took place? in church. why the heck? for camwhoring sakes' :D dont believe me? here's zee proof:


i kissed a girl and i liked it.

but no i am not lesbian. it was purely for fun. but it did feel a lil weird cos it was my first time kissing another girl on the lips haha! in anycase, i am loving this picture! so hot, sexy and attention-grabbing, no? (i love attention, deal with it)

oh yeah. on friday after school ended, i decided to borrow some movies from the school/public library to watch over the long weekend. you know, chill a bit. earlier on during my spare, i spotted a Rush Hour 3 dvd. why i didnt borrow it immediately, i dont know. but when i went back after school, it was gone! *devastated* but i managed to find Shanghai Knights and The Tuxedo :D i got Hitch as well :] why Jackie Chan movies? umm... cos most of them are not serious? heehee im so dim :x Shanghai Knights wasn't too bad. it reminded me a little of the Singapore accent, courtesy of Fann Wong who plays Jackie Chan's sister. yeah her acting's pretty good actually, didnt know that... The Tuxedo was funny, but i didnt find it as entertaining as Shanghai Knights, somehow. yet to watch Hitch :x

im not going to say much about cuteoverload.com. just click on the link and check it out yourself! it covers so many animals, from the common ones like kittens, puppies and hamsters, to the more unusual ones like giraffes, red pandas and beluga whales! so what are you waiting for? need some cheering up? go to cuteoverload.com now!! :D

ladies only!

omg periods.how many ladies out there dread their periods? im pretty sure lots of you do (unless you're really sexually active then it might be something you look forward to :] unless you want to have a baby...) so yeah i got mine today (pfft...), and boy did it put me into automatic sleep mode, like it always does -___-" why arh... i know some people get back pains during their periods, or cramps, headaches, nausea, pain in the breasts, and other stuff like that. i've always wondered why. cramps and PMS i can understand, but the rest? nah just dont make sense to me.

so anyways, i tried putting on (or in, whatever) a tampon, for like the 4th time in my life. the first 2 times i tried and failed, really badly. if i remember correctly, each time took like 40mins, and the tampon still wouldnt stay in. the 3rd time was with help from boyfriend. all 3 times hurt so hell bad, i have no clue why. damn it la, how come other girls can (younger than me some more), i cannot? buay song, so i tried again today.

it wasnt too bad i suppose, took me 20 bloody (pun!) minutes to get it in. felt kinda painful as well :( but not as bad as the first 3 times. maybe it's because the flow was much heavier. heavier flow = more fluid = more lubrication = easier to go in right? (oei stop thinking dirty!) so yeah. but the subsequent ones took around 10minutes. still long, but better :] but omg, pulling it out is disgusting. im not even gonna describe what a used tampon looks like *gags*

but the point is, YAY! i have finally learned how to use tampons! whoo! man, i feel like a woman! okay exaggeration there. why would i need to learn how to use tampons in order to feel like a woman right? but hey, bye bye to gross sticky pad days! whee! dry, happy periods, here i come! you scare me no more :D *goes hyperly insane*

hmmm what else... oh yeah it was SO nice and warm this weekend! wished we had sort of an "indian summer" day every week :] yes i miss the Singaporean climate can? :p i hate being cold, and having noone to hug :/

yupyup that's all the crap for today! hope all had a happy thanksgiving (better still if turkeyless), and ugh, back to school we go...

p.s: OMG OMG OMG. next friday is a PA day!!! can you scream HAPPYYYYYYYY with me? :D 2 short weeks in a row! whoo! and i might cover the Canadian elections as well, though i didnt vote despite the fact that i am indeed elligible to do so :] dont wanna vote for the wrong party and end up being responsible for the potential screw-up of this country. it's the guilt feeling you know? but i am waiting for the 3rd and final US presidential debate! can someone tell me when it'll be? really excited for some reason...

p.p.s: i shall end off with another list of needs and to-gets!
1) learn how to put on fake eyelashes! (MUST)
2) get a job. either at Timmies or some place near my house.
3) find the book for English ISU. (dieeeeeee)
4) find a petshop that sells turtles! (or terrapins, to be more precise. red-eared sliders!)
5) focus more on studies! must get out of slack cycle!
6) find this camera! then get it! :DDDD lalala~~
7) learn to give meself manicures! improve current social life!

tatas! till the next post! :]

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