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thought of by: Stephen Luu
Saturday, October 18, 20089:45 PM

you know, i've been thinking of renaming my blog. i mean, "a sip of life. MY LIFE." sounds a little intimidating of some sort to people who arrive here for the first time. maybe. i should change my blog's content/title/whateveryoucallit to... the misadventures of a Singaporean-born Canadian who moved back to Canada but now has problems because of her Singaporean upbringing.

or maybe not. what a mouthful. or handful, considering it's more of typed that said. forget it then. a sip of life it is (still).

so anyways, like said, with me all new here and stuff, there's bound to be weird things (well weird to me, maybe not to those raised here) that happen to me here. lets take one example, from school, as i spend so damn bloody much time there. (not like it's a bad thing, but neither is it a superb thing, so yeah.)

this happened one fine sunny day during lunch, when Lawrence and i were sitting at my locker having lunch (as usual), talking about weed, gay people (no i dont have anything against homos, in fact i find them fun to hang with :D), and peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches (as usual). oh right, before i move on, i must describe the location of my locker. it's in this hallway that's pretty isolated, not many people enter and exit the school from there (partly cos they lock the doors from the outside on some days -___-"), and just so very nicely, it's dead straight infront of the guys' washroom.

no kidding. if i turn 180degrees from facing my locker to facing forward, the first thing i see is the entrance to the guys' washroom. and any guy who's about the exit the washroom will see me. how wth. and not only that, there's a rubbish bin there that stares straight at me too. so yeah. i see guys and trash all the time. sighs. hmmm wonder if that's a sign... i would eat lunch at Lawrence's locker instead, but there's a Korean clique near there, so nah. spaces, man, spaces...

so as we were having our oh-so-usual lunch and nonsense, this totally random guy who was sitting along the hallways lunching, went up to the guys' washroom with his trash balled up in his hands, obviously with the intention to throw it away.

BUT. before he did that, he turned behind and looked at me, and went "this is why i made the basketball team." stopped to aim and then shot it in. pretty nicely too, may i add. okay, so Lawrence and i were like "yeah that's pretty good..."
and as soon as the guy walked off, we stared at each other and went "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ABOUT???"

like hello, 2 people eating lunch and minding their own business, having -100% of any knowledge of who you are do not care that you made the basketball team or not, or whether you can shoot your garbage into the bin. as long as you dont drop it on us, it's fine. but seriously, we dont care. in fact, it makes you look cocky, completely random and an absolute weirdo. and no, that's not the way to make a first impression, dear sir.

steve mentioned i should say something like "an apple a day keeps the weirdos away." now, if only the world worked like that. i'd be healthy with good bowels and weirdo-free. but alas, the world is not so. *snap snap* *reality suddenly appears* even if i ate 10 apples a day, no doubt leading me to having diarrhea, that would not still eliminate my chances of running into weirdos on a daily basis. (okay la, im not that unlucky. weekly basis, i meant :]) plus apples arent that cheap either, and lao niang still hasn't found a job lor.

im thinking of bringing a purse full of pennies. everytime a weirdo comes up to me and tries to hao lian/show off/bug me/touch me/whatever to do with me, i will give him/her a penny and go, "here, have a penny and save your weirdness for yourself! nice meeting you!" and if they get insulted, i'll tell them, "hello!! i just gave you a penny for acting weird! can be a bit more grateful or not?!?!?!", while whisking that very blessed penny out from their hands and shoving it into their mouth/nose (but preferably mouth, to shut them up deftly).

but that will mean i'll have to start bringing gloves around too, as no way do i want to get my hands tainted from salivas of strangers *shudders* if anyone else has a better suggestion of dealing with weirdos, do feel free to do so (via the comment at the end of the entry). and if i sound mean, im sorry. but this entry will only sound mean if you're a weirdo too, who bugs me :] *hint hint*

p.s: no this entry is not done by Stephen Luu, and neither was the outline of it done by him. it was done by ME, bitches. it's just that i was asking him for ideas on what to blog about, and he told me that i should blog about this incident, along with his famous phrase that "an apple a day keeps the weirdos away", which has now sadly been pwned :D

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