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oh tian
Tuesday, October 24, 20061:45 AM

argh zzz what the okay now i have this stupiiiiiid stupid stupid stupid rash thingie growing all over me damnit its super itchy and its pissing me off by the millisecond... finally went to the doc's yesterday and turns out i have this stupid chronic problem with my stupid skin cells...

apparently because cells have no brains, so they become stupid and start doing random things on their own accord such as releasing some bloody chemicals i dunno what, giving rise to my stupid rashes... and like hello must it appear at sucha crucial period??? my final week for mugging before i die and this happens... like thanks a whole bunch man cells... just when i thought that you guys were pretty cool things after learning about you in bio, you turn around and show me your ultimate stupidity... thank you for publicly displaying your idiocity... oh yeah the doc said it most likely is due to stress too like hello do i look stressed??? i think i play the most out of everyone around me can... all i do is laugh and play and joke and skip remedials, while everyone's mugging the brain juice outts themselves... i think im the least likely one who should be diagnosed with suffering from stress...

zzz anyways maybe i should be thankful for getting these stupid rashes cos if not for them, i wouldn't be here typing this completely nutty entry... i'd be at my cousins house praying to die instead... my entire family's gone out to ''spend time'' with my malaysian cousins who came down for the week and thank God for that please... i so cannot stand the noise of my own family, nor the noise of my cousins... needless to say their noises TOGETHER... hahax so yeah my family left me alone cos of my stupid rashes cos i told them no way was i gonna go out, itching and scratching looking like a freak... so they left me alone in peace YAY! =]

now i think the stupid meds have gotten my wires and screws up there completely messed up cos im all impatient and sad and moody and depressed and appetite-less... zzz is that how steroids make you feel? cos if they do i'd rather itch to death than moodswing every 5 minutes and become so stupid crying/screaming ''fsck off!'' machine... like seriously it is no fun at all...

zzz anyways im having a bloody headache now will go find something mindless to read and post ha hahee ha~ (suddenly i have the overwhelming urge to cry... save me...)

do me the favour people =]

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