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this is getting weird...
Wednesday, November 08, 20065:50 AM

okay like first i had these voices in my head... they just sorta came from nowhere and started talking to me about stuff i never dreamt or thought of... they talk to me, frustrate me at times, keep me amused, freak me out a lil sometimes, keep me company, are there for me when i need them (well sometimes... sometimes they aren't there just when i need them =[)... yeah you get the picture... its fun... i laugh at/with them, debate with them, talk to them... yeah its not bad... but having 3 different people with different characters all in my head really gets to me... but it's all good... i've learnt to get used to it and embrace this whole thing ha~ some of you guys may have already been (rudely) introduced to them... yup they're kimi and saito.

okay intro: kimi is the nicer, more girly/feminine, more polite, sweeter, more studious one. any nice words or comments that i randomly type out to you, yeap it's from kimi... she's always asking about the well-being of people and stuff... don't ask me why please...

and yes. dear saito. she's the edgier, rougher, rockier, more rude/unreserved, more heck-care-please-get-lost-if-you-intend-to-irritate-me one. any rough/rude words or comments that i randomly type out to you, no prizes for guessing, would be from saito... of course yeah i'll apologize on her behalf okay? so yup people, do get used to them... cos i have a feeling they'll be around for quite some time...

and today... SINGING CHIPMUNK VOICES. in my head. oh please of all the random weird strange bizarre totally lamefied ultra unanswererable things... WHY CHIPMUNK VOICES??? -.-'' its like having a whole choir of singing chips and dales up in my head... and no it aint cute at all... sure chip and dale are cute... but a whole choir of them? SINGING??? sorry but i really do beg to differ... it aint cute till you get it in your head man... and for goodness sakes, of all the wonderful times to hit me with this, it had to come during the exam. the english gce o level comprehension exam. LIKE HELLO. i need to get a stupid a for this subject, and to get that i need total concentration and focus. and singing chipmunk voices DO NOT fit the bill of things that encourage concentration during an exam -.-'' and i was already having a bad headache. then the voices of singing chipmunks. oh the wonder of it. -.-'' its like really stupid. you know how when those people in shows receive enlightenment and stuff, then bright light will shine down from the heavens and angels start singing songs and stuff. well that happened to me. except that my angels were CHIPMUNKS. SINGING. and you roughly know how chipmunk voices are like. IMAGINE A WHOLE CHOIR OF THEM. tian... i really didn't know whether to laugh, freak out or totally just break down and cry, cos i was already wanting to cry from the first paper which was composition...

zzz anyways its over. i haven't heard them after that, or for the rest of the day. hopefully it won't come back again tomorrow especially during the exam. PLEASE. like zzz... tian ar...

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