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Sunday, September 07, 20088:00 PM

ooooooooookay. before it completely slips out of my mind. MY LIST OF THINGS TO DO/GET.

1. get 2 international calling cards during lunch tomorrow!!! gahhhhhhh
2. start decorating locker in school so i won't feel so dejected/rejected :[
3. get public library card done (lameshit, dont ask)
4. dig up old lit notes from Singapore!!!
5. get the book "The Bite of The Mango".

-very interesting book, written by a girl from Kenya (if i remember clearly). she grew up during the time of politcal conflict, which Africa is well-known for, in all unfortuity. when she was 10, a child soldier severed both her hands and after which, instructed her to "tell the president to give you new hands." The titel of the book comes from her recollection of when a man gave her a mango on the night of the same day when her hands got cut off. he held it up to her mouth to help feed her, but she insisted on taking it home with her in her wrapped stubs. she came to Canada somewhat 8 years ago, and is going to college this year (or was it university? can't remember clearly). and be surprised, she refuses to use prosthetics, as she finds them expensive, and besides, she "can manage" with what she already has. what interests me in this book is the fact that it's about Africa, the country wrapped in controversy and infamy. it's so unfortunate, that corruption, politics and its past has plagued it to such terrible stages. and yet beneath the whole ugly layer that seems to shroud out everything, its culture, people and resources are actually so intriguing, mysterious and stirring. the people are especially interesting. have you noticed that almost all Olympic winners for the track events (esp sprints) are blacks? and that many singers with "big voices" are also black? eg. stevie wonder, if you dont get it. so i think getting this book would help broaden my perspectives on Africa, that country so many of us know as the "AIDS/HIV place", "corrupted land", "burdened continent", blahblah. oei dont forgot your ancestors came from that lush continent okay, so that's your ORIGINAL MOTHERLAND. haha. and i have this secret interest in Africa :D and South America :D yeah i like places with lotsa native/traditional spirituality stuff :D okay nexxxt..........-

6. find more acrylic nails from the dollarstore
7. find nice movies to download :x (spiralfrog isn't as efficient as good ol' limewire)
8. get the dvd for Step Up 2 The Streets! :]
9. try that new temporary hairdye from the dollarstore. if it works, buy more! :D
10. clear up my freakkin room -_-"
11. find my bank token and transfer the money i owe Fefe. WAYYYYYYYYYY overdue man :x
12. mail the neoprint to Cheesan and the ticket + SGD$10 to hubby.
14. more tights/leggings! really really! but here so damn ex, averages CND$8 for a pair. wth. i always find my stockings for under SGD$6 -_-"
15. stop falling asleep during chem class
16. stop bad-mouthing my biology teacher's teaching methods :x
17. pick a book & movie for my ISU
18. prepare for WINTERRRRRRRRR. (okay not really la, but it's getting cold now so let's pretend there's no such thing as autumn :x)

i know, such a long list right? but what to do, im a lazy-assed procrastinator with a really bad memory. so yup :]

okay i think i should update about back-to-school life, which i have been living for the past 3-4days. it's pretty okay i guess, even though it's gonna take a lot of getting used to. for example, there are SO MANY asians that even I'M scared, the locks for our lockers belong to our school -_-", and we have only the caf and the first floor to eat at during lunch. in banting we could eat ANYWHERE, bring our OWN locks (yay!), and there was a bit better balance of races there :x no no im not saying banting rocks and richmond green sucks, but it is a more different high school experience when compared. and more complicated administration to get used to -_-"

but it's been alright so far, i can understand almost half of the school (chinese & cantonese yo!!!), and i haven't lost my way around the school. yet. so all is well thus far :] plus my teachers are nice (but i still dont like the b i o teacher). english teacher Mr Jones is funny (and sorta reminds me of Mr Kang back in Sg), and chem teacher Mr Robertson is just like an alkali metal: way reactive, but in a good way :] and yeah i finally know how to open my locker now that i have the right code -_-" but i still need a proper lunch place, i might end up obstructing others if i sit in front of my locker munching away...

oh uh and about social life. ZIP NADA ZILCH. yes i suck like that. whatever socializing/interpersonal skills i developed and refined and honed painstakingly, i seem to have lost here :[ YOU KNOW HOW SAD IS THAT OR NOT??? :[ im always so quiet and im always hanging out with the studious people (well the quieter ones, that is). im not prejudiced or anything, but being quiet is just not me. well not typically me, so i'll just go about it step by step, and see how much of social skills i have left. BOO :[

but i did make a few... um... accquaintances. ("friends" would be stretching it a bit, cos it's on a deeper level.) so i got to know a few people in my classes, all of whom are pretty okay (rarely have i met a non-okay person before, really). but i feel like a loner in the school cos some people have known each other since what, grade 7 or something? since grade 7 to 11... yeah that's hell tough ice to crack man. like, i did talk to a few people, but when their friends come along, it makes me miss the times in Singapore, when i was surrounded by friends, and all the laughs we shared. does make me wish i was back in Sg... :[

anyways, there's somethings about the school that kinda ticks me off: the administration system. okay in banting, lockers are assigned according to homeroom teachers, and we bring our own locks. so a row of locks will belong to the students of a particular homeroom teacher, locked by whatever you bring. here at richmond green, lockers are assigned by the office, RANDOMLY. and you have to use the school locks, like it or not. trust me i hate that system. i dont like the fact that it's not in order, and that we cant use our own locks. i guess they cant put them by class order, cos there are people who wanna switch or drop classes, so that i understand. but use the school's locks? memorize the combination they give me? arghhhhhhhhhh... so dumb. for goodness sake the office lady gave me the wrong code. it wasnt till the 3rd time that she got it right -_-" and my locker is so new, i can break my hand opening it everytime lol. sighs more getting used to i guess.

and it's nice that there's a plaza right opposite our school, so i can drop by for a starbucks frapp or stock up on gum when i need too :D too bad they don't have shoppers drug mart there though, man i love shoppers! esp when stuff there goes on sale! but... too bad. starbucks makes up fo it though :]

so im off to do my biology homework now (ARGH) and revise for my bio and chem diagnostics test (double ARGH! no wait that's triple...) that's tomorrow. i so have to stop falling asleep during chem. WHO MADE SCIENCE THE TOUGHER STREAM THAN ARTS HUH???

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